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IntelliJ (Intelligent Jeans)

F-R-E-E, that spells “free”

Credit report dot com baby

transcoding (transgender cod fishing)

I'm in jeopardy of not catching up with season 2 of westworld because wants me to install flashplayer.

how is it not *more* difficult to maintain a Flash player than an HTML5/js player in the year of our lor🅱️ 2018?

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I've recently learned a whole lot about how to use in Rust (that is, functions like map(), fold(), filter(), et cetera), and how they interact with and result types.

Here's a quick writeup on that: Chaining Fallible Operations with Combinators

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New job (+) Show more

Today’s my first day at my new job which is my first “real” job. I’m excited and anxious at the same time but optimistic.

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Raspberry pi but it’s huge with all removable/replaceable components and comes with lots of fun manuals to learn about computers and programming. That’s the computer I want.

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My breadbin C64 is my favourite overall 8-bit machine but the Apple IIc Plus is such a pleasure to use (that keyboard!) and the C128 is such an interesting machine, no other 8-bit computer is quite as unique as it, I mean it’s got a 6502 and a Z80 on board, almost completely C64 compatible, runs CP/M, comes factory with an empty DIP socket for you to play with, and even has an MMU allowing it to address up to 1MB RAM which is just so cool for an 8-bit computer