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I've been doing async stuff with Javascript promises and I hate it. I don't hate the asynchronous nature of it all, in fact I like that part. I hate that writing it feels like perpetually compounding workarounds to things I used to know how to do in the language.

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JavaScript Object Notation / Markup Reader and AnalyZer


Hi everyone! My bindings to platform-specific UI toolkits, which enable with ease in , have hit a big milestone: 0.3.0!

I've posted about it on my ( ), but if you prefer something with a little less JavaScript you can check out the post on my blog:

I consider IUI to be moving in a really good direction, and if you find it useful, please consider contributing to my Patreon.

i really appreciate inkscape and like super despise it all at the same time

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Why are all my project ideas things that I could only do if I had a month of time and resources to devote to them just to get on stable ground?

Happy everybody!

This Pride month let's all remember LGBTQ+ Pride is about civil rights empowerment of the marginalized. Pride events are great opportunities to benefit charities and advocacy groups! I'll link big ones, but check local too.

I'm ace/aro. That means when I tell you all that you're beautiful and valid you know it's the unbiased truth!

Much love!
❤️ :orange_heart: 💛 💚 💙 💜

My memoir will be titled “It’s Not Easy Seein’ Green”

hi ho more like “initial kermit” am I rite send toot

after all these years... I finally found them... that did this to us... those sons of bitches

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