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I've been doing async stuff with Javascript promises and I hate it. I don't hate the asynchronous nature of it all, in fact I like that part. I hate that writing it feels like perpetually compounding workarounds to things I used to know how to do in the language.

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JavaScript Object Notation / Markup Reader and AnalyZer


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Hi everyone! My bindings to platform-specific UI toolkits, which enable with ease in , have hit a big milestone: 0.3.0!

I've posted about it on my ( ), but if you prefer something with a little less JavaScript you can check out the post on my blog:

I consider IUI to be moving in a really good direction, and if you find it useful, please consider contributing to my Patreon.

for some unknowable reason I decided to read a few chapters on ARM Assembly and watch some videos on it and I think Assembly has been forever de-mystified for me.

This gives me hope that I might actually learn enough 6502 Assembly to finish my ever-on-hold C64 project.

I did it! I thought of a project that I can probably get up and running with in a weekend.

i really appreciate inkscape and like super despise it all at the same time

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At Ace you won't get screwed.

Although there are lots of screws.

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Why are all my project ideas things that I could only do if I had a month of time and resources to devote to them just to get on stable ground?

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