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Happy everybody!

This Pride month let's all remember LGBTQ+ Pride is about civil rights empowerment of the marginalized. Pride events are great opportunities to benefit charities and advocacy groups! I'll link big ones, but check local too.

I'm ace/aro. That means when I tell you all that you're beautiful and valid you know it's the unbiased truth!

Much love!
❤️ :orange_heart: 💛 💚 💙 💜

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My memoir will be titled “It’s Not Easy Seein’ Green”

hi ho more like “initial kermit” am I rite send toot

after all these years... I finally found them... that did this to us... those sons of bitches

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So, writing a RESTful API in (RUSTful? 🤔 ) has been the thing that made me actually like making APIs. It also seems to perform about 4x faster than if I were to have written it in Java or NodeJS.

Just wrote a URL encoding/decoding library in for a thing I'm working on. I guess this means I have done professional Rust development now. Coolest part is how, almost accidentally, because of rustdoc it has accurate and really good documentation.

Ohh, I totally missed this bundle! There's now a Web design & development ebook bundle out on Humble Bundle, from O'Reilly

You could buy it via my affiliate link, and even choose how much of the money goes up me, and how much good to charity etc.!

#humblebundle #ad #sellout #webdev #design

Remember that a boost is just as helpful as a buy! 💞

Justice - ✝ is just such a fucking good album

I’m watching Hackers for the first time because it’s free on amazon video and holy cow I love this

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