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Today I went to an electronics recycling center and bought a VIC20, Commodore 128, and Commodore 1702 monitor all in working condition (save for the power brick for the 128). I simply adore old Commodore stuff. Now I can start looking at collecting some Amiga stuff too which is exciting!

Please don’t use shades of red/green to communicate negative/positive ranges in a visual representation of data.

I've been doing async stuff with Javascript promises and I hate it. I don't hate the asynchronous nature of it all, in fact I like that part. I hate that writing it feels like perpetually compounding workarounds to things I used to know how to do in the language.

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@lifning the opengraph protocol most widely used for link preview metadata even supports this out-of-the-box. Any compliant parser should already be capable of this 🧐

JavaScript Object Notation / Markup Reader and AnalyZer


Hi everyone! My bindings to platform-specific UI toolkits, which enable with ease in , have hit a big milestone: 0.3.0!

I've posted about it on my ( ), but if you prefer something with a little less JavaScript you can check out the post on my blog:

I consider IUI to be moving in a really good direction, and if you find it useful, please consider contributing to my Patreon.

i really appreciate inkscape and like super despise it all at the same time

@gid that’s basically my position as well. I still do what I can in rust but my ambitions to build tools completely out of rust has to be sidelined until a few more crates hit 1.0.0

@gid yeah it’s always kinda tough to find that sweet spot, especially for using multiple crates that are <1.0.0 release. Hopefully this gets less painful as the crates mature.

In the mean time I’m actually using glue code w/ PHP to handle my HTTP/2 stuff 🤢

@gid whoops, forgive me for not seeing your earlier reply, hadn’t refreshed my masto client and didn’t see that you had, indeed, already done that. Doh!

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