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Honestly I don't like how google's reCaptcha v2 makes you check "I'm not a robot". It doesn't matter if it's true, I just don't like being reminded :robot_3:

Ok so I'm now a fan of KDE and no longer miss GNOME3's nice things that I put up with its annoyances for.

Crazy how I was biased against KDE for over a decade and didn't even go near it just because it was ugly and power hungry in 2007.

I can't tell if I like functional programming or if it's just that writing object-oriented code in PHP frameworks makes me want to burn down every building in a 20-mile radius.

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an advantage of pinafore is it's got single-column but it's not Literally Twitter

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@lifning @OwlStatue Standard Library in name only, for it is neither.

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i got sassy today Show more

i got sassy today Show more

@schlink I've got a pair of these

I've only once played with the silly EXTRA BASS stuff built in.

Sound quality is decent for the $; the main reason I like them is: they feel sturdy and the cushion doesn't smush my ears and glasses into the side of my head (which is my chief problem with most other headphones in this $-range).

Unfortunately, not much in that range has similar cushioning and also decent audio quality. (I don't use them wirelessly, so no idea there)

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How to feel like a hacker wizard genius: write a perl script to do something for you

How to feel like a nincompoop baby: try to explain your perl script to someone

idk about GNOME on Ubuntu 18.04, but KDE Plasma on Kubuntu 18.04 is the most stable I've ever used it.

I have an MSI Laptop that I really like and I got it for a good price, but it is very frustrating to get some of the hardware to work as intended. 17.10 left me with a lot of issues to manually fix but most things seem addressed in 18.04.

If you're a *buntu user with some touchy hardware on linux I recommend one of the 18.04s, YMMV for anything not KDE though since I haven't tested them.

Pshhh! No I'm not switching to KDE because I randomly remembered their mascot is hecking cute! Why would you say that? Psssh! No! haha.....

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