the wii sensor bar can work on the bottom or the top of your tv, that's where they got the idea to call their latest console the switch

i'm like a few days late but fuck lance ulanoff to hell lmao

uspol question 

When your dudebro friend wants to support your transition.

IT career request for advice, some mh - 

do you ever say things? thats my worst quality tbh

but what is the policy on thinkpad-presenting nipples :thaenkin:

@aoife *ace aro inability to interpret flirting voice* yes and howdy ma'am

Reminder to never use "Green = Yes / Red = No" in your UI as the only indicator for anything. ESPECIALLY if it's text color.

This message brought to you by a frustrated colorblind person creating password for a zoom account.

hey!! it's me! @jk from the your computer

@matt the breasts and eggplants mostly, but I think there is some anime ones too

@vantablack literally doing this with a Witcher book right now lol

i'm so adhd to be able to read shit i have to read it AND also put the audiobook on

it keeps me on track

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