For fans of the open source 3d graphics suite Blender, their official Mastodon account has just come to life. You can follow them here:


You can also follow their official #PeerTube instance here:


#Blender #3dGraphics #Animation #CGI #FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource #FilmMaking

if ubuntu is so good why isn't there an ubunthree

Benjamin Franklin is kind of like a dating app for lawyers because his face is on Legal Tinder

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Commodore 16, β€œThe World’s Learning Machine” #retrocomputing

It has a world map printed on the box so you don’t forget what the world is

That sound CRTs make when you press the degausse button boost if u agree

Why do I need a graphical desktop environment tho

Centrists believe Lebanon, Kansas should be the capital of the US because its the geographic middle of the United States

asexuality is a spectrum. I'm asexual af but demisexual people are valid aces too!

In Spanish, if you end a sentence with the πŸ™‚ emoji, you have to start it with the πŸ™ƒ emoji

@vantablack literally the vanta

like a month ago I realized that Miles Prower was a "miles per hour" joke and honestly I still haven't mentally recovered from that realization

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