got the platinum trophy in kingdom hearts 3 ama

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@jk leading up to the eventual sequel with gamefreak "diglet-dugimon"

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the peabody institute is stored in the baltimore maryland

This iOS authenticator app is pretty much exactly what I was hoping to find!

authenticator hasn't been updated in like 4 years on iOS. Anybody else with an iPhone have an authenticator app they use and like? Will prob just go w/ Microsoft's app if there's not a decent open-source option.

if 100% is such a good category why isn't there a 101%

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So, I have an extremely high tolerance level for rounded corners in UI and sometimes like it when used sparingly and intentionally. I don't always love it, but I'm definitely not hardline against it.

Having said that, I watched a friend use google dot com's search (which I've not used in years at this point) and this is fucking hideous omg

From the brilliant minds that brought us all SWORD LESBIANS, comes SCIENCE LESBIANS

Shoutout to y'all asexual aromantics who don't come out to acquaintances just to not answer the question "are you sure you just haven't found the right person yet?"

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