one reason i'm disenchanted with modern computers is how they afford no opportunity for excitement. for the most part, they are all just more efficient/powerful versions of the machines from 20 years ago, which is important and good, but not really exciting. popular vintage computers like the commodore 64 excite me because they can't just run what everything else runs. my pinebook pro feels like the closest modern equivalent of that, it may be most exciting machine to happen in my lifetime.

i'm kinda in love with my and i feel i owe @tindall a special mention for bringing the hype!

@schlink this is a good font! I like that it gives more than 2 non-italic weights. Since I'm colorblind this means I can configure my syntax highlighting to not be 100% color-based!

I'm liking JetBrains Mono, a new (FOSS) font from JetBrains. Check out the ligatures in the Rust screenshot! It's available under the Apache 2.0 license

h/t @gcupc

professional athletes are at a higher risk for common table expression

@Anarkat I tried telling them that it was a clean joke but they weren't having it

I got in trouble in high school for wearing a large button pin that said "I shower naked"

cat sleepin on lap and can't reach my coffee guess I have to let it get cold now

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