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Extremely cursed food, alc mention, gameing mention 

So was playing deadly premonition and this "sinner's sandwich" was mentioned (turkey, cereal, and jam) so I decided to make one and OMG IT ACTUALLY IS DELICIOUS THOUGH?????

So, I have an extremely high tolerance level for rounded corners in UI and sometimes like it when used sparingly and intentionally. I don't always love it, but I'm definitely not hardline against it.

Having said that, I watched a friend use google dot com's search (which I've not used in years at this point) and this is fucking hideous omg

Huh, wasn't expecting to see a mastodon app in the curated section of the App Store. That's kind of neat I suppose.


keep them shelves clean and protected folks

Pinafore dev 

@nolan update: I played with the spacing and grid a bit and I think I landed on liking these for full-size and <768px viewports ... I'm wondering though if maybe I should just stick with the single-column look for all widths?

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Pinafore dev 

@nolan I've got account fields working in pinafore, but kinda unsure on the aesthetic direction to take with it. Thoughts?

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