Haven't done a toot in a good while. I'm doing good! Picked up gardening as a hobby. Got a second cat (who is a tiny disaster gremlin). Just kinda outgrew social media for the most part.

M'aiq is helping me take measurements for my fire pit

instance block recommendation, racism, slur 

this dude is the owner of norge.social and his website is full of pepe the frog memes, probably best to block the whole instance

hello yes is this the nintendo residence? this should be called a pearasol not a pear umbrella can i speak to a supervisor yes i'll hold

uspol, far right propaganda on youtube, kinda funny 

if only

Just got back from time traveling, time to see what this decade's music sounds like in advance!

Good morning to everyone but ESPECIALLY to my best friend and Pokémon trainer rival Hop

pinafore dev 

@nolan is there a way to save an image in a toot to local storage on iOS? In the mastodon web client I could long-press the image after opening the light box but in pinafore it highlights the element. Haven't got home to actually look at what's going on yet but figured I'd ask.

If anyone else is like me and hasn't even bothered to look at a Dell logo in the past 3 years: they decided to take the logo and make very few changes but also somehow also make it look extremely bad/wrong/cursed??

In this week's episode of Doom Patrol: Danny the Street (who is a genderqueer sentient street superhero) lowers their NB flag to half-mast to mourn the loss of one of their friends. Seen here is one of Danny's friends (Flex Mentallo) hugging one of Danny's inflatable flailing-arm decorations.

I love this show quite a lot.

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