Just got back from time traveling, time to see what this decade's music sounds like in advance!

Good morning to everyone but ESPECIALLY to my best friend and Pokémon trainer rival Hop

pinafore dev 

If anyone else is like me and hasn't even bothered to look at a Dell logo in the past 3 years: they decided to take the logo and make very few changes but also somehow also make it look extremely bad/wrong/cursed??

In this week's episode of Doom Patrol: Danny the Street (who is a genderqueer sentient street superhero) lowers their NB flag to half-mast to mourn the loss of one of their friends. Seen here is one of Danny's friends (Flex Mentallo) hugging one of Danny's inflatable flailing-arm decorations.

I love this show quite a lot.

Extremely cursed food, alc mention, gameing mention 

So, I have an extremely high tolerance level for rounded corners in UI and sometimes like it when used sparingly and intentionally. I don't always love it, but I'm definitely not hardline against it.

Having said that, I watched a friend use google dot com's search (which I've not used in years at this point) and this is fucking hideous omg

Huh, wasn't expecting to see a mastodon app in the curated section of the App Store. That's kind of neat I suppose.

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