Colorblindness isn't all that complicated to compensate for. Using colorblind-friendly color palettes is great, but you also get instant colorblind accessibility as long as color isn't the ONLY indicator for something.

It's as easy as putting "HP" or ❤️ next to a health bar/value instead of relying on the color green. Or using iconography such as ✅ ❎ to communicate yes/no values rather than "red means no".

What's more: This also helps with localization!

@SpankyWorks on this: the Conan boardgame uses three different coloured dice but also differentiates them with shapes on each face. However they then group things into units and use coloured bases clipped to the minis (which I can tell apart - just) and "halos" in the book/cards (which I can't always tell apart)

Colourblindness is a real pain...

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