if your github readme is meant to explain how to run your application, but running all the commands you list fails to start your application, your readme sucks

90% of the times that i give up on using/contributing to FOSS it's because the readme assumes i already have and am a poweruser of some dependency that i've never used and doesn't explain anything about how to use it

Well the other reason not to contribute is the insane CLA or hoops you have to jump through to getting a one liner accepted. Sometimes I just paste the diff into an issue because it's just too stupidly handled.

@SpankyWorks @nolan it’s hard to feel out the context of your users, takes a lot of time and work

@SpankyWorks yes yes yes. I hope one day when I’m actually ready my readme will live up to this standard, as with much even the readme needs testing by people (not the dev) and trying on other computers really really important

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