is there a linux mail app that:
- supports office 365
- supports Microsoft's 2FA login
- is not the outlook web app
- supports notifications

used to use thunderbird and evolution-ews but neither seem to work with 2FA

@RabidRabbit lol that actually exists and i actually considered it, however while it does play a sound for the notifications it doesn't do anything else

@SpankyWorks I think it's called "Modern Authentication". If that's the case, I read in a page that it works with Evolution and Evolution EWS plugin. I have not been able to get 2FA working, though.

@SpankyWorks I don't use the MS 2FA but I have an O365 account that I can verify Mailspring works with:

@SpankyWorks I had been told Evolution should do it, but is that not the case? (This will likely apply to me soon. 😕)

@aschmitz evolution seems able to do it /if/ you're an Azure AD administrator /or/ your sysadmin has set up the tenant and application id necessary to authenticate. neither are true in my case but i'm going to contact the admin tomorrow and see about setting it up.

@SpankyWorks Do you happen to have docs on that? There's a chance I'll be able to get our admins to do it, hopefully.

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