The best way to be an :ace: ally is the best way to be any kind of ally:

- Listen to persons who identify with the term
- No gatekeeping. You can be blonde and have a pretty wide variety of hair shades; few terms mean only one very specific thing
- If someone is saying hurtful things about persons, speak up. From an ally POV please (something like "hey, that's messed up" or "get lost if you're going to be like that")
- Support accurate, real representation of persons; Condemn stereotypes and caricatures


Since there was that post going around about using "identify" when you mean "are", I want to clarify that I 100% agree with that sentiment and that I used "identify" here because I made the list generic and ran out of characters.

Aces don't "identify as" asexual, they are asexual.

Trans women don't "identify as" women, they're women.

et cetera

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