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Being able to escape abusive people is fucking bad ass and @vantablack escaping their parents is amazing and shows how incredible they are. I only just met this person, and I feel like I already know they're powerful.

Paper Mario contains mipmaps of some textures, or low-resolution versions meant to speed up rendering of faraway objects. However, these are never used; the high-resolution versions are displayed at all times, likely due to the simplistic graphics making optimization unnecessary.

good morning to everyone except cops and straight people

being naked isn't sexual; i know because i've been naked before but i have never been sexual

drum machine???????????????????????????????????? ??????? drums are already a machine


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@SpankyWorks *fuck* yes you fucking know it ✊ 💧 💯 🔥 😤 👌

i heard theres a big new feud in the video games community, between videogamer9926712 and TheGamer293761

Probably the most pedantic thing about me is that i always want to correct people who use incorrect time zone abbreviations. Like right now is not PST, it's PDT because we're in daylight time and we actually spend more time in PDT a year than in PST.

This is born of off-by-one errors in database programming I have dealt with.

And like, I KNOW nobody cares, I don't even care, but I ALWAYS want to correct people 😅

Have a sample meme from the 'infosec' section of our menu. 

uspol, far right propaganda on youtube, kinda funny 

Every time I see a headline like "12 year old kid just graduated from Harvard" or whatever I feel like the reaction I'm going to have is "wow a kid can do college but I can't"

but the reaction I always have instead is "that kid probably has an abusive life to have that much stuff thrown at them probably by affluent parents since they can afford college like that"

like a month ago I realized that Miles Prower was a "miles per hour" joke and honestly I still haven't mentally recovered from that realization

what i do "under the covers" 😏😏 

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