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using @elementary I have a lot of strange issues regarding my displays after idling for a while. Sometimes it seems to randomly turn on 'Mirror Displays', other times the orientation gets shifted around and my main display is switched, and some other times one of my displays just turns off. I've got a laptop connected to an external monitor. Anybody else have issues like this?

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who called it wall run and not peter parkour? @lifning

anybody have any experience with the BouncyCastle PGP library in Java? The codebase is kind of a behemoth and all I'm trying to do is decrypt a file with a key that's already been generated.

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did you know: you could just not make a roguelite

you could just design levels and make a finite experience with pacing determined entirely by one or more humans

you could totally do that and it would be fine

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who called it wall run and not peter parkour

*brought 11 donuts to work (bought a dozen and ate one)*

supervisor: is that a baker's dozen?

me: no, it's a programmer's dozen, index starts at 0 and there's 11.

anyone who stumbles on this toot, know that I've discovered the existence of this thing and that's what I'm fiddling with at the moment:

anybody here have any experience encrypting/decrypting files using PGP in ? Considering replacing a problematic aging java package at work but I only see an old crate on and not sure if it's even functional.

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current status: mario's ow-owowowowowow from mario kart 64 for the nintendo 64

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:drake_dislike: ""community"" that's really just a clique and nothing more
:drake_like: friends who support you and give you the solidarity you need and deserve


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go is the php of systems languages send toot

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If MS-DOS is so good, why isn't there an MS-TRES?

@vantablack had the day off work and watched the whole season. It’s got several very heavy episodes. They explore Todd’s asexuality more which is cool. One episode in the middle is particularly unique. I liked this season 👍

The problem with programming anymore is that there is such a lack of proper implementation of many data structures and of behavior for ones that are. Like, what ever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening TV? How did I get to living here? Somebody tell me please. This whole world is confusing me. Clouds as mean as you've ever seen, ain't a bird who knows your tune. Then a little voice inside you whispers: "Kid, don't sell your dreams so soon!" Everywhere you look, everywhere you go

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🔘 a bitch
🔘a lover
🔘a child
🔘a mother
🔘a sinner
🔘a saint
⚪ ashamed
🔘your hell
🔘your dream
⚪something in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

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Q: Why have the recent speculators stopped buying Intel stocks anymore?

A: Because speculative execution is disabled for the Intel platform.

oracle is fucking banned from putting version numbers on things i swear to god

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