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Lato Sans is a really nice font for user interfaces. Humanist and readable but renders really well with various anti-aliasing algorithms.

It you want to be a pretty girl, you are a pretty girl

This is an instruction in the AWS docs for EFS:

"Connect your Amazon EC2 instance inside an Amazon VPC configured to use the DNS server provided by Amazon."

I literally cannot parse what this sentence means. I know what all the words mean, but I do not see how this is a sentence that you can read and say: "Okay I'll do that."

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In my crazier days I once tried to rig up some old car subwoofers under my friend's bed using a hacked up ATX computer PSU I found and a broken usb cable. I did get it to work, but only for about 2 seconds before my ground wire caught fire.

My coworker did not know that "furry" was spelled differently than "fury". Contemplating this, I realize what an interesting alternate universe that would be.

I only like vintage and future computers. Modern computers are super boring.

I do not like modern computers

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Am I way off base here?

It seems like video podcasts could/should augment or replace youtube for many people (assuming we can do something about the UX.)


I just looked at my bookshelf and realized I still haven't endeavored to actually learn Java like I've been meaning to for the past 10 years 🤷‍♂️

🎶 /dev/null in my red bull 🎶

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I'll never not read "FLOSS" as "Free Lossless Open-Source Software". I'll probably catch some flac for that.

The worst programming language is whichever one I happen to be using.

Like, imagine this, but with a KVM switch eliminating the need for two keyboards. I can't be the only one who thinks that sounds incredible... right?