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if half life is so good why isn't there a 3/4 life


expired: G-N-U T-L-S
fired: Guh-new T-L-S
wired: ganootles
desired: nut (the g, l, and s are silent)

as a celsius user, seeing the weather forecast call for 100° temperatures really makes my blood boil

fucked up to be named neil gaiman and not be a gay man

if you don't play video games on the hardest mode what the heck are you doing?? do you realize that you run the risk of having literally any amount of fun when you don't play on the hardest mode???

awake, cat fed, time to drink some bean water

honestly it would be better expresses in a single line anyway

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this post brought to you by the 2 paragraphs about perl i just erased

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i write a lot of posts that i don't post because even i am not interested in what i said lol

my work day in a nutshell 

really nice of oracle to give me a a "cancel task" option on a database connection popup in sql developer and all it does is change the title of the popup to "cancelling task" but it doesn't go away or let my use the application or anything

In the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Origami King, the Whispering Woods is called "デクの山" (Deku Mountain) and Ol' Grandsappy is called "デクじい" (Grandfather Deku). This is a reference to the similarly elderly and mustachioed Deku Tree from the Legend of Zelda series.

asking the gay bar & grill if they have an ace/aro menu

if i give you a compliment i am not "just being nice" i have never been nice once ever this is slander i will call my attorney

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