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Deadly Premonition has driving sections where you can press A to have the protagonist start monologuing about Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, which automatically makes it one of the best games ever made!

It also has a cutscene where a man wearing a gas mask convinces you to eat a cursed sandwich which is so delicious it causes the BGM to switch to a bad copyright-skirting MIDI of American Idiot.

What a game.

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I scroll though mastodon with my thumb always in the area of the fave button, I wonder how much stuff I've faved on accident and how much of it is actually choice content

Object permenance is fuckin bullshit, if you exist when I'm not looking, fuck you.

*wakes up and sees capitalism and the police state overthrown* OMG who did this?? 😂😂🙏✊🏴‍☠️

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Linux Desktop Epoch Time is the milliseconds that have passed since 00:00 January 1, year of the Linux desktop

I think @lifning is just going to keep adding more Santa hats to their avatar every year instead of reverting to an un-Santa'd avatar outside of Yule season

I want to develop a video game that's exclusive to Atari's new steambox thing but only distribute it through a mail-order catalog and it arrives on a ROM cartridge that the console can't natively accept

Anybody else have an issue with amazon dot com where if you are searching for, say, socks, and then you narrow by a brand, if you try to sort by lowest price it says no results found, even though the default "featured" sorting had results?

Part of me thinks this is purposeful hostility toward bargain shopping.

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