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seems too be lots of NBs (new brunswickers) on this webbed sight πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

things i say, no context 

Feeling ridiculously vindicated by seeing videos from people with titles like "Were We WRONG About The Last Jedi???"

I knew this day would come

Video game consoles are just physical devkit emulators

today i am going to:

- πŸ§› go to hot topic to look for a podcast t-shirt for someone in england because they aren't graced with hot topics there

- :amiga: learn motorola 68k assembly

- β˜•οΈ drink bean juice

shout out to all my aro peeps out there today who have to deal with this normative idea they're missing out on a part of life and are 'wrong' in some way for not being a part of this romantic experience, y'all cool as hell :heart_aro:

:yoshi_eat:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_end: :yoshi:
trust no one not even yourself

be the wise traveling tech nomad you want to see in the world

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