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CWs are not censorship, they're accessibility.

I hate allistics.

masto meta 

masto meta 

masto meta 

Soni L. :autism: relayed

so. how do I run a VPS hosting company out of my house or something?

it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to have my data anytime soon :(

ageism, request 

uBlock Origin filter help request (boosts okay) 

ASS - Accessible Source Software

(not to be confused with Visible Source, or with the subtitle format of same acronym)

software designed to be easy to use, to understand, and to modify.

1. he/him enbies are valid
2. she/her enbies are valid
3. if you think we need blocklists you should MOVE INSTANCES.

DIY sign language - make your own sign language

can someone make an userscript that lets me set boost visibility on new masto?

CW meta 

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