Day 27: it was very strange at first, it was like "why do I relate to these ppl" and then I kept seeing they were autistic. but nowadays I'm just autistic on main and autistic on public.

I've also been banned for doing autistic stuff in public before but I'm not gonna stop it, really. being openly autistic is nice, feels good, and encourages other ppl to be openly autistic, even if it does get me banned sometimes. <3



snoop = look up (e.g. "snoop on a hashtag" -> "look up posts on a hashtag")

manipulate = market (e.g. "my mom is manipulating ppl" -> "my mom is marketing to ppl")

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It's not wrong to ban those ppl. It's wrong to not give them a second chance after some time.

It's not wrong if you don't want to work with them on their issues. But if you can, *please do*. It'll help.

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We need to talk more about harassment. Especially in the context of autistic ppl.

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Autistic ppl (especially those who don't quite understand many social conventions) have a tendency to make the listener painfully aware of what they're saying, because they're scared of being misunderstood.

This can be seen in "please don't ban me like that, I have dynamic IP so it doesn't work" (repeat forever), "I won't call SoniEx2 a dude because they asked me not to, but I call everyone a dude so it's hard for me" (repeat forever), and other things.

anyone else with "ASD"/"on the spectrum"/etc as a trigger?

NTs are so obnoxious about names, no wonder they can actually remember them!

literally, when you talk to an NT, it's just "hi <deadname>" "how are you <deadname>" "can you do dishes, <deadname>?" "<deadname>, what time is it?"

while when talking to other auties it's just, "hi" "how are you?" "can you do dishes?" "what time is it?"

curious here: why do I hate water, unless I'm dehydrated?


do you ever play white noise on high volume + video on even higher volume, so as to down out background noise?


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