Here are two ways to boost with CW. One's very bad for accessibility (opens a new window, closes mastodon client, etc), the other is very good for accessibility (opens in the mastodon UI itself). I would prefer if more ppl did the latter.

Doing it the "good" way also respects boost visibility settings! (did you know you can hide boosts from your home feed? it's behind the "show settings" button on the home feed column!)

@SoniEx2 what would you recommend if the original toot has no CW?

@SoniEx2 wait so, you reply with a CW and then boost your own reply? Or is the second step unnecessary?

@SoniEx2 why, my client of choice (@Tusky) is awesome enough not to open the linked too in the browser.

@SoniEx2 @Tusky I mean I don't do this anyway, to help people who use no-so-awesome clients... but this seems rather a limitation of federated services/AcitivyPub (not being able to mark external refs to be opened as internal) than something you can guilt users into doing.

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