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I "like" posts to show support.

emoji reactions would be really bad for me, because I'd need to choose an emoji that best describes my feelings. if you know anything about autistic ppl, you can probably see why that's a problem.

if I like your sad post, that's not me enjoying that you're sad, it's me showing I care.

if you post about a cool thing on the other hand, I like it because I think it's cool too.

thank you.

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Here are two ways to boost with CW. One's very bad for accessibility (opens a new window, closes mastodon client, etc), the other is very good for accessibility (opens in the mastodon UI itself). I would prefer if more ppl did the latter.

Doing it the "good" way also respects boost visibility settings! (did you know you can hide boosts from your home feed? it's behind the "show settings" button on the home feed column!)

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hey please tell me if I do something you don't like

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I interact with "strangers'" toots because I still have that unhealthy thing where I just try to read everything on my home feed, so I avoid following them.

idea: social network that removes the home feed.

can someone more popular than me (ugh, why's this still needed/a thing) ask what's "ed", and tell me the ratio of "editor" to "eating disorder" to "executive dysfunction"?

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so, here's what mastodon tells me about "ed":

- the standard text editor
- eating disorder

does this mean you're supposed to eat the standard text editor?

can y'all boost this so I can figure this out?

a lot of devs (want to) start with games. that means things such as:

- ECS (traits)
- uh I should add more stuff here

now, game devs have been boasting about ECS for decades, and then we made programming languages with traits which are very similar to ECS. as it turns out, this was a good idea.

so basically anything programming-related should be learned from games. because games have the good stuff.

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when using C++, remember that it has header files.

it isn't straightforward like rust.

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unpopular opinion but IOCP is nicer than epoll.

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Anyone else find themselves using mastodon's favorite feature as a, "I want to reassure you that you're not just yelling aimlessly into the void, ' button?

I'm unofficially calling it the, 'I hear you' button from now on.

also, because of Reasons, my computer is now much better at staying cool.

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