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Soni L.

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Here are two ways to boost with CW. One's very bad for accessibility (opens a new window, closes mastodon client, etc), the other is very good for accessibility (opens in the mastodon UI itself). I would prefer if more ppl did the latter.

Doing it the "good" way also respects boost visibility settings! (did you know you can hide boosts from your home feed? it's behind the "show settings" button on the home feed column!)

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hey please tell me if I do something you don't like

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I interact with "strangers'" toots because I still have that unhealthy thing where I just try to read everything on my home feed, so I avoid following them.

I eat TCRFs for breakfast

make an app where ppl with washing machines can lend their washing machines, like laundromats but for gentrified regions where laundromats aren't available

if I learn engineering:

- I'll have a job

if I learn psychology:

- I'll be able to fight against ABA, maybe. but only if I self-publish. also I won't make any money because publishers are bad. and nobody will care about it because "ew self-pub".

(at least I think so...)

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is "subverse" a good AP software name?

(it's as bad as it sounds)

hello from 802.11b+WEP router

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(also I'm not sure if these are the right terms so please correct me if they're wrong?)

I support:

- transauties
- transkin
- transautiekin
- the above are like 90% of my friends

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quick question: do you mind if a program uses 2GB of RAM during the login screen, and/or takes a whole minute to log you in?

my grandma is so damn LOUD


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I need help with KDFs (key derivation functions). anyone good with crypto?

I made an enemy.

she used to be my friend.

I don't know if I did the right thing...

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speaking of which, suggest me low-requirement/overhead linux distributions

customizability is a must, but this laptop isnt exactly a powerhouse, so ideally it will be something that can run on any low end laptop

commit DESIGN_NOTES to git repo

don't put buttons behind buttons (double clicking a button should have no effect)

if you do, have debouncing

have dark theme, high contrast themes, etc

have margins/dead zones, especially for scrolling on mobile