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re: toilet humor 

Wiktionary, hella as always, does have an entry for "do a number on", but sadly it lacks an etymology section

further investigation reveals that there *was* one until 8 months ago when someone removed it for lack of sources (tbh it did read like it was made up, it was not detailed or specific)

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re: toilet humor 

Now I'm wondering about the etymology of "did a number on"

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I've been cleaning the bathroom so have some toilet humor 

Phew, really did a number on that toilet. No, the number is not 1 or 2

mh med 

Stimulant-Posting! In The Group Chat

fragment of a recent IM convo (featuring: me) 

"that keyboard is tilted in ways that we in the motorsport world would refer to as 'positive camber', 'negative toe', and 'well your wheel already rotates around that axis, what are you talking about'"


Yeah I drive stick [flashes gamepad]


Yeah I drive stick [flashes gamepad]


[playing cards voice] You've activated my trump card!!!

Are you a streamer, reviewer, or just someone really cool, and you want to get a Demo Pre-Release key? Now you can! Please fill out the attached form, but please keep in mind, I don't want you sharing the whole demo before release 😳 Thank you!

trivia: Sonic Generations might've had a non-Boost-era 3D Sonic in addition to the "classic" and "modern" incarnations, were it not for Sega being anti-union.
> In an interview, Drummond stated he was offered the chance by Sega to re-audition as a third Sonic, a version from the Dreamcast era that was planned for Sonic Generations, but he rejected the role because Sega refused to give him a union contract.

about 18 months ago i got this, the cheapest decent mechanical keyboard you can buy. i put some nice keycaps on it to replace the horrible gamer ones. i really like the keyboard, but a couple of the cheapo keyswitches are starting to wear out, as you'd expect. can anyone recommend an actually-good keyboard with this exact layout? i cba to open the thing up and replace all the switches with real cherry ones. though it would give me a thin excuse to finally buy a powered vacuum desoldering station

request for assistance re: western WA housing 

Hey, my GF Rose and her two partners DD and Viv are potentially gonna lose their housing situation in two monthsβ€” does anyone know of any good housing leads in Tacoma or Seattle? Anything would be HUGELY appreciated. DM me!

skirmisher utterances, nothing, crude, debian 

"I'm gonna make a library called libshit, and get Debian to package it, under the name `libshit-1.2piss5-dev`"

minor emoji spam, emoji source request :boost_requested:​ 

Sometimes it's a good thing that the internet never forgets.

Anyone got sourcing for these emoji? I'm pretty sure the same artist who did the last two also did a set of possum emoji in the same style, but names escape me.

(Huge thanks to @rey for finding 'em in what I am assuming was the server's Remote File Scrundler.)

hey rust people: what can i do, as a random end user of software that happens to be written in rust (i.e. any linux distribution), to encourage rust to move i586-unknown-linux-gnu to "Tier 2 with Host Tools" so that i can use linux on my computers again

or, alternately, to make the i686-unknown-linux-gnu target not require SSE2 (since i686 never had SSE2...)

alpine linux already uses i586-unknown-linux-musl, which is tier 2 without host tools, for its 32-bit x86 port

debian already patches i686-unknown-linux-gnu to target pentium pro instead of pentium4 as baseline, since otherwise there's abi mismatch and things break

i want to continue running gentoo on my computer, which is a pentium 3 machine, but i can't feasibly do that if i can't have a bootstrap rustc on it

programmeing, rustlang 

Every fuckin Rust project I start, I go off in a direction that eventually lands me at "your ideal dependency doesn't implement the feature you want yet", or the more exotic "your clever idea actually uses like 3 unstable Rust features whose tracking issues have been open for half a decade"

food adjacent 

TIL certain vegetables with metallic minerals can cause arcing when heated in a microwave (depending on several factors, including distribution of the minerals but also the shape, size, and relative positioning of the veggies or pieces thereof)

I discovered this after I tried microwaving some green beans on a plate and they started sparking between each other every few seconds, with a flash and a buzz for a split second each time... and I basically went "what the fuck, they're just green beans, what do you want from me" and took to the Internet for answers

neilc audiohazard 

@Skirmisher @artemis
we are here to help you
everything's connected
time is of the essence
we live in the future
cuddles make us comfy
everything's connected

diversify your gender
we know how to do it
get the new prescriptions
put them into action
we will find the gender
starting with transition
on to affirmation
everything's connected

here we have a blΓ₯haj
soft and inexpensive
this will be the basis
for your evolution
HRT is useful
we must understand it
with some medication
we will find your gender

DNA is bullshit
we must override it
in the social ethos
we will find your gender
everyone will see it
every demographic
if they fail to see it
are they even human

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