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FYI: That Twitch didn't scream "CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS NOW" in their initial acknowledgement of the hack implies they have no idea what's going on and it's possible the breach is still live.

If you use Twitch, keep an ear out for a follow-up announcement that there's a second dump, or a notice from Twitch that they found and closed a hole. You'll need to change your creds again if that happens.

psa re: the big twitch data leak 

sourcing from:

we wanna say that it's a great idea always to change passwords (this includes stream keys, which are a kind of plaintext stored password) and activate 2factor auth (ideally with an OTP app like AndOTP for example), and there is no reason to believe the ppl who leaked the twitch data and commit history haven't also got ahold of a bunch of passwords and personal info, and this leak IS Part 1


currently, it appears that streamer revenue payouts are the only personal data from anyone's account being publicized at this moment. this makes sense also with how it'd appear this person is aiming at disrupting twitch&amazon more than anything

again, don't not cycle your passwords and stuff. caution is always warranted, but, like, probably no need to panickedly go "oh god my passwords!" in allcaps just yet

rustlang, windows, :mario_flop: 

Update: everything is fine actually, I was thinking too hard probably

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tfw you want to program but you don't have enough free RAM to comfortably open your IDE, and you don't want to just restart Firefox so you go close some tabs, and then you inevitably get distracted by some of those tabs and forget what you were doing in the first place

As a result of a critical system failure on October 3rd of 2021,'s has been rolled back to a backup made on April 4th of 2021.

In accordance with this, all account data has also been reset to the state it was in at the point this backup was made. We are greatly sorry for the inconvenience, but would like to ask users of remote instances that have followed users from between the above stated timespan to please cancel and re-follow the users that they have followed, as while it may seem like you are following them, this is not being correctly reflected.

Additionally, we would be happy if you could please spread the news of this post to as many people as you are able to.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the great trouble caused by this incident and ask for both understanding and cooperation in this matter.


job ad, germany (+relocation), :boost_ok: 

Please boost:

There is still a lot of job openings, and one of these is on my team (apparently I'm a team dev lead or something now ๐Ÿ™„), this opportunity will likely be over in a week or two.

It is for a front-end software engineer, you'll mostly work with react and typescript (but we also have a lot of backend work to do, and backend is Node.js/TS, so fullstack is OK too).

Work conditions are really chill, salary is quite nice, company is quite inclusive, and my team is probably the most diverse dev team in the entire company.

The office is in Germany (specifically Berlin), you _probably_ can work from elsewhere (especially if it's in EU), and you can definitely relocate into Germany if you're from EU.

The work is mostly remote, you only have to come to the office occasionally, so no need to relocate if you live elsewhere in Germany. Except if you're going to be in a junior role (if you don't have much experience with react), then you're going to interact with a team a lot and for that you'll have to relocate to Berlin (sorry, I didn't and wouldn't make these rules, they come from elsewhere.)

I can tell you a lot more about the company and the projects, just slide into my DMs.

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So, uh, I guess this means Steam automatically tries to write and execute a shell script on every filesystem it can find, instead of just doing that when you're actually adding a new library folder???

$help HRT, blood work, appointments 


Hi, I need help for my meds, Iโ€™m switching to injections! I need to get blood work done before that. I need about $150 for everything coming up, within 1-2 weeks if thatโ€™s possible. I donโ€™t have anything to pay for it myself until 2 weeks from now, so if you need me to pay you back, I can discuss that with you.

I know Iโ€™m asking for a lot, but I donโ€™t have much and things have been spiraling, personally, recently.

CashApp: $GumbyRat

Ko-Fi in bio

can anyone recommend desk chairs that are comfortable

i cannot keep sitting in the chair i have now its just, really painful actually

dont worry about budget i am like that comic where the girl cheaps out on every possible thing but then spends all her money on books except for me its now chairs and beds


wow thanks to tvtropes i just learned mr. rogers is the reason recording TV on like a DVR or VCR or whatever isn't illegal

"In a case that made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1984, the TV and movie industries sued manufactures of VCRs on the grounds that recording their programming was copyright infringement. Enter Fred Rogers, who testified on behalf of home recording, saying he didn't mind if people recorded his shows and that it was a very good thing for families to be able to watch programs together whenever they wanted to, rather than being controlled by an arbitrary network. The court specifically cited his testimony in their decision. So in other words if you like not being tied down to Appointment Television, you can thank Mr. Rogers."


under communism, pop-up headlights will be a free option for all cars (free maintenance too)

Asking for financial help 

Hey folks - things are starting to look up, but Iโ€™m still in the hole right now. I have less than $50 at the moment and have bills to pay at the end of the month. I really hope this is the last month I have to ask, but: I would really appreciate it if you could help me out. My Patreon and PayPal accounts are below:

I also have a GitHub Sponsors that accepts one-time payments, though I receive payouts slowly there:

"Examining btrfs, Linuxโ€™s perpetually half-finished filesystem" by Jim Salter

Interesting deep-dive. I only dabble as a hobbyist sysadmin, so I'm glad this isn't something I ever tinkered with.

Asking for money, but also plugging this thing I've been doing on birbsite for a while so.... 

Sooo yeah. Unexpected expenses involving my phone self-destructing have left me with maybe about 30 quid to do me for the rest of the month, so THAT means it's probably time to plug the Ko-Fi again.

When I posted this over on Birbsite, I did a roundabout thing where I boosted the Ko-Fi link on my alt account "Every Trans Day" (Where I declare every day to be Trans Day Of Something) partly to get around Twitter's algorithm that hates direct links to things and partly to be all "Look at this fun thing I also do that I suck at self-promoting"

So I guess I'm ALSO secretly asking....would anyone fancy it if I put Every Trans Day on Fedi as well?

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Someone working at the grocery store knew what song to play today

(actually I think it's been in the rotation the whole month, but hey)

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