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One day the newer machines here will obviate SATA entirely, and then the random 220G drives we have will become the "random USB drives"

At least they're a bit harder to lose

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The inverse happens if I have a specific image I need to boot: I take the internal drive out, place only the necessary components onto it from another computer, put the drive back in, and work a little magic to tie it all together

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I'm at the point in my life where if I need to boot "live" Linux on a computer, I don't go find a USB drive or SD card or something, I just pull the SATA drive out of the nearest powered-off machine with the same architecture and go "c'mon buddy, you're getting an out-of-box experience"

@unascribed at least someone is thinking of the people in this day and age

jokes voice 

@unascribed can't believe you ditched voxels for large pixels smdh

@hierarchon it's especially fun when you come across an app that actually hews close to google's own design guidelines...from 10 years ago

bonus points if it requires the former fourth navbar button, the menu button, and makes three dots appear on the right edge of it

@hierarchon andOTP

you can even stuff your steam 2FA secret in it


having a random, strong craving for life cereal lately

it's 11 PM on a wednesday, time to file exactly one bug against rustc andβ€”

chronic illness/survey/:boost_requested: 

The Chronic Illness Survey Adventure (Symptom Cluster Characterization in Complex Chronic Disease) is a survey-based study to probe more deeply into ME/CFS, long COVID, POTS, hEDS, and MCAS.

They want your help to gather the richest dataset on complex chronic disease ever created.


@djsundog gives me an excuse to pick up the Connstellation collecting dust in a corner

re: food (sweets) 

@unascribed yeh, I've had it in some drinks and made chocolate milk with it, but it goes just as well on ice cream if that's your thing

re: food (sweets) 

@unascribed the Torani dark chocolate sauce is good ime

it's marketed toward the espresso people, so you may find it near the coffee in the store

they have a couple other varieties of sweet syrups too

This Friday (May 14th), will be waiving their cut from every sale for 24 hours and giving all the revenue to developers!

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