@unascribed ooh nice! the flashing text feedback feels a bit harsh though

@hierarchon that was...a time

the worst part is there's lots more obnoxious """DRM""" out there that is just barely palatable enough to not cause uproar

help a gay black trans man in law school 

Obligatory public interest law school fund post.

Hi, I’m Levi, and I’m a gay black trans man in law school. I’m going into my last year and I plan on doing public interest nonprofit work for LGBT advocacy.

The best part about working is that I get to help lots of people in need. I love it, honestly. The downside is that for a lot of us in this field, we get like 0 dollars. I have to pay my rent and afford my hormones... like all of us really.

If you’d like to donate, you can! But no pressure.

My CashApp: $lucifugel

Please DM for my PayPal and Venmo.


@unascribed oh, by "weird systems" you did *not* mean "architectures other than x86_64" because you're bundling LWJGL


[01:56:39.533] [I/Unmino] Greetings! unmino starting up...
[ +007] [D/Unmino] Fedora 34 (Thirty Four)
[ +000] [D/Unmino] Linux v5.11.13-300.fc34.x86_64
[ +000] [D/Unmino] OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM v16.0.1
[ +012] [D/Unmino] JVM arguments:

[ +000] [D/Unmino] LWJGL v3.3.0 SNAPSHOT

trans masc health psa, hrt and reproductive system, description of gross symptoms 

just a reminder to trans men/transmascs on hormones that if you are not taking oestrogen supplements with your testosterone and are not planning to have a hysterectomy, your womb can begin to atrophy due to lack of oestrogen. this is bad, and it can eventually turn septic, and then kill you.

you may be lucky enough to have an endocrinologist that knows about this, but unfortunately in many countries like the UK many doctors don't even know this can happen.

it's recommended if you intend to stay on a full dose of testosterone for your whole life that you have a hysterectomy between 2 to 5 years after starting T, but if you want to keep your womb you need to talk to your doctor about your hormones and preventing atrophy.

@SuricrasiaOnline Rhino was definitely kicking around back then, and it's still going strong now too

Milkshape 3D is another name I remember, though that was more late 90s... Lightwave is another, from 1990

basically I'm recalling info from 3D modeling guides for Total Annihilation that were written in the late 90s :p

people in the US who have periods, this probs wont last long but Aisle is giving out free period boxer briefs for trans ppl in need!


Help me afford new glasses! Boosts welcome 

Hey there, I’m replacing my glasses and will need to pay 260€ for them.

This isn’t very urgent because I’ll be able to afford it either way, but some help would allow me to pay it in full once and have it have an impact on my fragile finances that would be easier to manage.

Consider helping if you can and want! But if you have more important places to put your money at please prioritize that.

Thank you!


Considering what happened to XMPP and the likes of Google Talk, I'm really impressed that Twitch hasn't worked IRC out of their chat backend entirely by now

@hierarchon "sandboxed" is...sometimes dubious, but otherwise I agree

Starting system upgrade. This will take a while.

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