med/drug, software being oblivious 

Spell checkers only know Bad Drug. drug only exist as Bad or So Common It Hurts

Analgesic Productions' new game Sephonie is releasing today, so I thought I'd wear my Anodyne 2 shirt in observance ✨

I was having fun using the "What's This?" button on all the things in Dolphin and enjoying all the friendly documentation, and then it just made me sad

Speaking of, early Questionable Content sure is a mid-aughts time capsule

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today's wordle (spoilers) 

Wordle 207 6/6


I'm including the screenshot because it's just very funny

re: time for wikipedia crawling I guess 

...mostly by one guy, it seems

this is page 6 of the commit log on bitbucket, and it's the first one with a committer other than this Gustaf person

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cicadas, computer 

The cicada brood that emerged this summer is the same one that will mark the death of 32-bit time_t

Good morning! It's raining a good deal today and I like that

So, uh, I guess this means Steam automatically tries to write and execute a shell script on every filesystem it can find, instead of just doing that when you're actually adding a new library folder???

Side note: why the fuck does iFixit include this card with a laptop battery. Like, wow, it's not the 90s, we don't fuck with this anymore

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