here's a really early build of unmino for anyone that wants to try it

please try it on some weird systems and see if it works; ideally run it from the command-line so you can see the log

requires java 16

controls attached as screenshot; on start, the game enters a normal 10x22 game, but if you hit restart (R) it will enter a 4-wide combo challenge

no scoring or anything yet, mostly a tech demo



[01:56:39.533] [I/Unmino] Greetings! unmino starting up...
[ +007] [D/Unmino] Fedora 34 (Thirty Four)
[ +000] [D/Unmino] Linux v5.11.13-300.fc34.x86_64
[ +000] [D/Unmino] OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM v16.0.1
[ +012] [D/Unmino] JVM arguments:

[ +000] [D/Unmino] LWJGL v3.3.0 SNAPSHOT

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@unascribed oh, by "weird systems" you did *not* mean "architectures other than x86_64" because you're bundling LWJGL

@Skirmisher like I want to support ARM and PPC but I don't have the machinery for that right now and I have a lot of other concerns at the moment

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