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tomorrow is 2 weeks at home. i've trained my whole life for this, etc.

over last few weeks i keep wanting to share shit: sudden thoughts, views on current happenings, etc. but this doesn't feel like the place (as you may have noticed). i wondered why.

perhaps part of it is i'm in a mood just to throw shit out there as fast as i think it and maybe have a few cathartic interactions with randos. that doesn't feel super compatible with the slower pace and CW culture we have on masto

i guess i want a more no-holds-barred twitter xp right now. the thought of holding back even a little doesn't appeal. that's not everything but it's part of it. i find myself wanting a different venue.

(this is not any kind of attack on CWs or the culture we have here, btw.)

@gatewave I mean, using CWs doesn't prevent you from doing that either; the whole point is to allow you to say your piece while advising others on what you're discussing so they can act according to their needs. I don't think anyone would fault you for talking about more stuff ^^;

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@Skirmisher sometimes i just want to throw shit up and not worry about thinking of CWs, is all. in a very impulsive-feeling mode lately.

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