Spur-of-the-moment poll: How many different chat protocols/services do you use daily, on average? (I'm talking regular usage; don't count the ones you use rarely.)

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@Skirmisher wasn't sure whether to put 3 or 4

im not sure if my discord use counts as rare

@ky0ko Honestly same tbh

I would tend toward rare personally because the folks that I can only talk to there aren't people that I talk to more than once a week at most, even if they're people I like

and checking Discord and the two servers I look at is usually done out of idle curiosity more than anything

@Skirmisher im living my best life only using discord & wire (i hate wire tho so much)

@Skirmisher discord is the only thing I use to talk to anyone anymore (before that I used steam's chat)

@Skirmisher 3 IM programs open at all times (I don't count Steam chat) and I've got like 7 different accounts between them

I talk to like 3 people total

@zetasyanthis Depends on how you use it. If you spend a lot of time having conversations with friends regularly on there, then I would say yes. Otherwise, no.

And then I'd say 2: Telegram and text. Discord very rarely for folks who don't use the other two.

@zetasyanthis (btw, I wanna solve a mystery a few folks have had. Did you manually add the handle of the person who boosted my post to your reply? If not, what app do you use?)

Twidere. Going to swap for something that supports CW properly soon though.

@zetasyanthis Oops, I didn't get notified of this because the @ mention got dropped! Thank you though, I honestly completely forgot Twidere existed

@Skirmisher uhhh way too dang many

riot / signal / discord / fb messenger / instagram dm / twitter dm are the ones that see a lot of activity

then intermittently, telegram, whatsapp, and very rarely slack

it's a bad time

@Skirmisher Wait, does Mastodon count? That owuld change my answer.

@Canageek If you spend a lot of time conversing with people there similar to how you would in an instant messenger, especially if you only know them through Mastodon, then I would say yes, but otherwise no.

@Skirmisher I mean, sometimes? I've had like an hour and a half long conversation with three people today, and I've got one conversation going on that split between here and discord do to not everyone being on the same messaging service...

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