pinebook pro day one:
it's hosed. we tried to upgrade it to debian 10, and this immediately resulted in a horrific dependency knot that not even all our strength could rip out. tomorrow, we will try to reflash it.

nice hardware, though.

we're frustrated by how janky the support for everything appears to be. the default OS feels like a house of shitty cards, where sneezing on anything too hard will cause you to lose basic functionality.
guess that's just how it be with hardware vendors these days. hope it doesn't take too much longer for the community to pound every last secret out of this chip.

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the wifi is connected via SDIO, because of course it is.
bluetooth is probably part of that but we dunno.

they actually got hardware acceleration working for a bunch of stuff with the GPU, but keeping that in a switch to anything but their in-house OS image is probably hopeless

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the default image is Debian 9, which means we're stuck here trying to see what this thing can do using only whatever debian happened to package like three years ago

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@diodelass If you want to try going off the beaten path while keeping hardware compatibility, Bedrock Linux may be an option:

@Skirmisher @diodelass i can vouch for bedrock linux being good, on my original pinebook

i run armbian as the base, and i have it bedrocked to alpine and i get most of what i care about from alpine

@ky0ko @diodelass @Skirmisher Never heard of bedrock, sounds cool. Does it put the alien distro in a user namespace filesystem?
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