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asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 

πŸŒ₯ thigh-highs because you read on the internet that it's a trans girl thing and you desperately want to fit in

⛅️ thigh-highs because the hot goths/scene girls you pined for years ago wore them and you still want to be one

🌀 thigh-highs because they've become an examined element of your evolving personal expression of femme style

β˜€οΈ thigh-highs because it's fucking cold

how old is your internet handle?
pls boost

skirmisher utterances 

doctors, adhd,advice needed? :boost_ok: 

for people who are taking/have taken exogenous testosterone:

were you told it would/might make you more aggressive or coconfrontational, and did it?

Hey everyone, me and a lot of friends created this big indie-TTRPG bundle on itchio, with the earnings going to Trans Mutual Aid Manchester. It would be cool, if you could go, check it out and buy it!

a different indie game I'm excited for 

:boost_requested: Binders, gc2b sale available until 2 Dec 

excited to have a phone that doesn't drain its battery slowly while powered off because the modem connection is fucked up

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hooooookay finally got it in

had to take tweezers and pull very hard on the plastic clips to pull them far enough away for the board to pass by, to the point where my tweezers were flexing

time for the comparatively easy task of reattaching the ribbon cables and then screwing the whole thing back in!

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apparently it's actually 1.2b

also I've been at this for like an hour and I still can't get the damn thing seated under the clips, what the fuck

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who would win:
pinephone mainboard rev. 1.2a
two small clippy bois

I wonder how many buildsystems still try to use -no-cpp-precomp… it took me so long to track down where it even came from.

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