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if petco is where the pets go, then is cisco where the cis go?

linux gamer overthinking 

Not as much as if they had given an actual timeline, but strictly speaking I got what I asked for, and what I needed

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linux gamer overthinking 

Developer responds with any kind of answer to the question I wanted an answer to, immediately I feel a sense of satisfaction

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linux gamer overthinking 

hashtag Usually Neurodivergent Things

[insert that post about why autistic people ask how long something will take here]

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linux gamer overthinking 

Yes I know I don't have to rebuy the game when the Linux version comes out thank you. But my brain will not quiet down with "what if playing it in Wine has an annoying issue" and "what if the save data isn't compatible between platforms for some reason you have no way of knowing" and besides you gave the impression that Linux would be supported on release and then it wasn't and I would just like to know roughly how long it will take or whether you have any idea at all PLEASE [gasps for breath]

(I didn't remember the exact name, it was called "Steam Users' Forums")

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Shoutouts to Steam's discussions for being the last bastion of BBcode in the modern era, and probably the only implementation of it that some youngsters have ever known.

(Also RIP Steam Forums. I basically never knew ye.)

this champion used System.Windows.Automation APIs to let you play Lunar Lander inside Windows file copy operation dialogs

toad smrpg voice 

Hey, you better watch out! He knows about Timed Mutes.

behind the post, mh med re: rustlang silly pseudocode 

And my ADHD is being partially medicated so my hyperfocus ran unchecked and I could just finish my idea instead of being distracted and abandoning it. Which resulted in a post that is probably not that funny.

But hey I managed to fit it in the character limit without even trying that much! The tiny indentations weren't even to save characters for the most part, they were saving post width lmao

There was going to be program output too, to capture the intent of my original joke (but presenting it as "one possible outcome of a process" instead of "the only result of a process"). But I couldn't think of a way to write it that would have been concise *and* funny enough...

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re: rustlang silly pseudocode 

This was just gonna be a list where "typecheck" and "borrowcheck" were repeated several times and then the program crashed and was thrown out at the end. But that felt unfair and I didn't want to be negative or exclusive. And then it kind of got out of hand,,, :blobsweats:​

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rustlang silly pseudocode 

Developing unsafe abstractions in Rust:

use dev::Dev::{self, UnsafeAbstraction, ProgramFault};

loop {
let design = Dev::idea(UnsafeAbstraction);
let impl = design.prototype();
loop {
while impl.typeck().is_err() {
while impl.borrowck().is_err() {
let binary =;
match {
Ok(_) => {
Err(e) => match e {
ProgramFault::Err | ProgramFault::Panicked
=> impl.debug(),
=> impl.debug_desparate(),
ProgramFault::Crashed => {
use Drop::drop as fuck_this;
if Dev::really_not_feeling_it() {
} else {
eprintln!("not this time");

(inspired by but not based on:

re: explained 

@dialupdoll the two package manager genders: "confirmation is [Y/n]" and "confirmation is [y/N]"

somewhere in there is apt, which is the former unless it is only installing the packages you specified on the command line and nothing else, in which case it proceeds immediately

etymology of "do a number on" 

Here is a web 1.5-ass blog on the subject, obviously the best kind of citation material.

It comes to the conclusion that it first appeared as African-American slang in the 1960s, though some of the comments (which were posted about a decade after the original post) also brought up the boxing sense of "number" as a possible contributor (which is what the Wiktionary article formerly stated, however unconvincingly).

There seem to be some other nuggets in the general search results, but others are just the definition with no history... And then there's the Quora page, which features a response quoting the uncited Wiktionary serction (while "citing" Wiktionary), and another copy-pasting an excerpt of the above blog post (with no citation or further comment). Classic.

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