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737max corruption (Seattle Times, Forbes), fuck this shit 

So if I understand the timeline here correctly:

Boeing bamboozled its way into a FAA cert.
Planes crashed, people died.
Boeing "cooperates" with the investigation, getting a prosecution agreement with a 250M fine and explicit protection for top management.
Blame is placed on the chief technical pilot, who sounds like a scumbag acting under orders from higher up.
The federal prosecutor leaves her position, and gets hired as a partner with the law firm defending Boeing.
The chief pilot gets grand jury indicted for possible decades in prison.

oh fun, a PoC experiment of reading (deliberately slow UDP) Ethernet traffic via SDR tuned to the cable's RF emissions

Remember to exercise your lithium-ion battery! Just don't tire it out, it's no good for it to be overworked

urgent housing mutual aid request for poc in San Francisco, USA area 

Venmo: @ARenton
Zelle: Alice Renton (deadname) (510) 302-7963

Asheton: β€œI’'m disabled, and my sister is an autistic, dependent adult. We are both queer POC, and we've spent the past year trying to escape our abuser, our mother.

I ran out of savings from my tech job. We came back to the apartment we used to share with her, and she had completely trashed it before leaving it for us. Legitimately, it is in completely unlivable disarray. We have been trying to get it to a slightly better place, but we're both too disabled to handle it.

We have absolutely no one. Our entire family is either abusive, a fundamentalist pentecostal, or both. We would not be safe if we went to them, because we're both visibly queer. I don't have any close friends because of the abuse I grew up with, and our mother knows that. She's trying to get us to recant our report to the police in exchange for basic needs, and right now recloseting ourselves and giving in is a legitimate fear we have.

Please, if you live near us and you have the ability to use your privilege in any way, we need help. Thank you.”

Some good news:

A years-long project to develop a systematic way to clean the Great Pacific Garbage Patch finished an important test a couple of days ago. It removed a large amount of plastic. Like, so much that with about 15 additional copies of that test equipment, the entire patch could be cleaned in a few years.

It's Indigenous People's Day, and I'd like to recommend my fiance's beadwork! :) They make lots of spooky Halloween stuff, and also fun other things!

anyone know any data archivists that might have a copy of the Intel OpenCL Runtime for Linux, version 14.2? the link on intel's website does not work and i cannot find it elsewhere

the 2013 sdk would probably also suffice (i have a filename for that one, "intel_sdk_for_ocl_applications_2013_xe_sdk_3.0.67279_x64.tgz")


Tails nut behavior in Metropolis Zone has been fixed.

Seagate ST-225R 21MB w/ST11R interface card. for sure offering this rarity to fedi first before ebay, but i can't afford to give it away like i usually do. hmu. advice on shipping MFM drives would be appreciated, too!

Bad actors are abusing large, open-registration, low-moderation Mastodon instances in order to provide direction to the Vidar Stealer trojan horse, which steals passwords, credit card details, bitcoin wallets, etc.

If you run a large, open-registration, low-moderation instance, please consider changing at least one of those qualities.

in multiplayer games of openttd I try to use signs responsibly: wayfinding, reminders, warnings, other important information

anyone: *builds a program in release mode*

Visual Studio linker: hey, you wanted a reference to a PDB file containing the full path to your build directory in there, right? right? okay well i'm putting it in there anyway

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