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are you an apply-before-ok kind of person or do you just click ok?

Update: now my card reader doesn't work even if I do reload the kernel driver for it.

Why would I reboot, it's 2:30 AM what are you saying

if the prospect of a good, newly manufactured, fully-open-source laptop with a powerpc processor appeals to you, please go donate to this project.

it's everything i want out of a personal laptop.

does fedi have any exp. with vendors who'd make custom transparent plastic...decal/sticker type things?

Hey book people! I am looking for 3-5 beta readers to review and critique (and maybe heap praise, if that's your kind of thing) a manuscript for a mentorship submission coming up in 2 weeks.

- 1 week starting Wednesday to review act 1 (approx. 30,000 words)
- 2 weeks after that for the remaining 65,000 words

Story is dark, urban fantasy involving a girl who spies on rich people and sells their secrets, and she uncovers a private club of fae which exposes her and them to hunters.

anyway speaking of the patreon, we do have one and financial support would always be nice

covid-19 social distancing risk chart (full description in reply) 

if you're a scalie with an aftermarket tail do you say ":gex:​ it's tail time" while equipping it

when a story seems to be building up to something awesome but the author is too much of a coward to go through with it 

*nix groups goof 

9/11, US imperialism 

oregon wildfire community response, twitter link 

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