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headline: "we're not prepared for the end of moore's law"

buddy, we weren't prepared for the beginning of moore's law, we weren't prepared for the middle of moore's law, what made you think

Golang is unusual because in most languages the type system tells you when you made a mistake, but in Golang the type system tells you when Rob Pike made a mistake.

arabic is cool because it’s a ridiculously difficult language and then on top of that there’s like 10 dialects that you need to consider too.

case in point: @packetcat saying cat in arabic is β€œqut” which confused me but then i remembered that Sudanese Arabic, my dialect, is influenced by Nubianm so we say kadΔ“sa instead. But wait, Sudanese Arabic is ALSO different from Egyptian Arabic. β€œShinu?” = what in Sudanese Arabic, β€œeh?” in Egyptian Arabic, β€œmadha” in β€œstandard" Arabic

US pol, before you consider voting for Warren 1/ 

set a reminder on your phone to flip your mattress every 90 days!

don't flip it over like a hamburger. instead spin it 180 degrees so that what was once the head of the bed is now the foot

this will increase the evenness of your mattress' wear and, thus, the life of your mattress!

(source: used to sell mattresses)

Boost this toot if @djsundog should podcast about pine phones with me

I set up a ko-fi to fundraise for my tuition this semester. I had to retake a class and i have to pay out of pocket for the costs. I don't have this sort of money and don't know what else to do. Please help?

Or if you prefer PayPal to directly send me money here's a link to that also.

Help me buy a new computer 

asking for money. scam mention. 


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make it a habit to think about accessibility

By my memory, every Wet'suwet'en you hear speak here has been arrested...

...within the last three weeks.

Forced off their land, out of their homes.

Remember that as you hear them speak, please.

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Any sort of code bootcamp needs mandatory modules on workplace racism and "how not to be a techbro dickface".

I find it hilarious how Lambda School tries to low-key flex how """diverse""" the student body is while doing fuck all to prepare anyone for the daily racism that's gonna be headed their way.

Not a lot of use for announcements on a single user instance, so I just left myself a message in the form of an announcement in case I forget once in a while.

Today's doodle.
Look upon what my home instance hath wrought, ye mighty, and despair! :blobcat_mlem:​
#art #mastoart

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