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Twitter launch development of new decentralized standard for social media , to be used by their platform.

If Jack's thread was not clear, I drew this map.

tfw you finish reading the new posts on your computer, then pick up your phone and open up the timeline again New Blog Post Time!

Today's topic: A Tour Of ethflop- the DOS TSR program written in 2019 (!) that allows you to access floppy images over the network!

Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

snark re: Twitter "decentralization" 

Twitter's decentralization play 

re: elon musk, tech dystopia, cw boost 

I've just released a simple #ActivityPub debugging tool. It's hosted on Glitch so you don't have to worry about spinning up servers or SSL certs etc. You clone your own copy of the project, set it up, and you can create ActivityPub accounts that can send any raw JSON payload you specify to its followers. I use it for testing new and novel ActivityPub objects, and to test compatibility with messages sent from remote servers without needing to create an account on them.

imagine if everyone in advertising were doing literally anything else

fractela, weapons adjacent, underwear 

c/++ programmers: our code is ironclad!
trans folx wielding the power of oxygen: oh really now

C/C++ code naturally reacts with trans people over time to produce Rust. Given enough time and trans people, all of the initial C/C++ code will be consumed by this reaction

YouTube, YouTube Walkout, and COPPA (232 words) 

I've noticed that the more time I spend on the internet, the more I only read things that were written, like, two weeks ago at most. It feels almost impossible to *find* anything older than that, let alone read it.

How did the internet, a vast medium with almost unlimited storage capacity, become the place where people only read or watch things created in the extremely recent past?

I'm going down to the Port of Seattle Offices at noon to comment in opposition to facial recognition at SeaTac. Anyone else from the fedi planning on being there?


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