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drug ref, car joke 

drug ref, car joke 

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I have ADHD, or as it’s known in the Unix world, β€œfocus follows mouse”



Wonderful article from @tindall explaining the concept of unsafe in Rust as well as how the safety guarantees in Rust work compared to other languages.

In Python, the burden of ensuring that raw memory manipulation is safe falls only on the interpreter maintainers and the users of the foreign function interface. In C, that burden is on every single programmer.

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the constellations that form when people choose random spots to idle their google sheets cursor

Twitter launch development of new decentralized standard for social media , to be used by their platform.

If Jack's thread was not clear, I drew this map.

tfw you finish reading the new posts on your computer, then pick up your phone and open up the timeline again New Blog Post Time!

Today's topic: A Tour Of ethflop- the DOS TSR program written in 2019 (!) that allows you to access floppy images over the network!

Making the Fediverse more resistant to embrace, extend, extinguish 

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