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our experience with sarcasm etc., unreality mention 

@RadiantEmber We've been living with a partner for years who uses this type of humor, and she's tried to adjust for us a lot, but we still can't suppress these reactions.

A lot of the hyperempathy reactions stem from imagining someone being sad. We have a strong impulse to do everything in our power to help someone if we sense them expressing sadness.

our experience with sarcasm etc., unreality mention 

@RadiantEmber Jokes that involve saying something as if it were serious become unreality-adjacent for us, very quickly.

If there's any possibility at all that the person is serious, we become terrified of making an incorrect judgement of the situation. Even if we recognize the joke, we don't know how long the joke will last in the conversation before people start being serious again. ("Serious" and "not serious" are a strict dichotomy in our head, which seems at odds with others.)

This is exacerbated if someone uses dark humor. If they describe anything that isn't completely ridiculous, we latch on to what they said as if it were truth, and immediately process the events in our mind and feel emotions associated with them. It doesn't matter how much we consciously understand that it's a joke.

This stems from a number of factors; partially hyperempathy, partially trauma. This is just how we ended up.

A much improved touchpad firmware for the #pinebookpro is now available for flashing! Presently, the process requires some degree of Linux knowledge, but even a novice should be able to follow the instructions. If you're not comfortable with executing the process, community developer dsimic is working on a use-friendly and (more) automated utility for flashing the firmware.

Follow link for instructions:

URGENT PDX housing request, boosts appreciated!! 


i have less than a week before i'm supposed to be out of my current place (homeowner is selling it in August) and I STILL do not have a place lined up so if anyone has a room, or heck. even a couch in the PDX area (or Beaverton) PLEASE let me know ASAP because I don't know what I'm gonna do otherwise!!

thank you so much in advance. i'm sorry for asking you guys this over twice now but i just need all the help i can get...

Growing up for us was "moderator" ceasing to be a cool position of power we aspired to and instead becoming a responsibility we dread anyone asking us to take

environmentalism, climate change 

> Top ten polluting power plants
> 1 Belchatow, Poland (Coal)
> 2 Vindhyachal, India (Coal)
> 3 Dangjin, South Korea (Coal)
> 4 Taean, South Korea (Coal)
> 5 Taichung, Taiwan (Coal)
> 6 Tuoketuo, China (Coal)
> 7 Niederaussem, Germany (Coal)

The authors also suggest that the top 5% polluting power plants are responsible for 75% of the pollution, and improving that could reduce pollution from energy overall by almost 25%

Throwback to this horribly misinformed piece of journalism

Current status: sad that I can't effectively use existing Rust code on the Switch without a lot of bespoke code and/or foundational work

Throwback to this horribly misinformed piece of journalism

Is anyone out there involved in a mutual aid tool sharing library, current or past? I'm talking with some folks about organizing one and we have some logistical questions. (please boost!)

VoIP is pronounced:

trans, getting letters 

A list of mental health professionals in the United States who will provide a letter of support for transgender services on first visit

(as given to me by one of the professionals on the list)

:boost_ok: Boosts very okay

dog, eye contact 

rooftop dog photoshoot. mt rainier hanging out in the background just barely

Rideshare drivers are striking today, July 21st. Midnight to midnight

$ help rent (sorry 😣) 

Hey all. I know I ask for help a lot but this month is gonna be a big hard.

It’s no secret that I’m visiting my girlfriend at the end of the month, but currently I just don’t have enough money to be able to pay rent that is due while I’ll be with her.

I’ve tried to save up money for this trip, but between using a paycheck made this month to pay for rent the month before, and purchasing necessities and groceries this month, I just will not be making enough.

$350 = goal

please boost! :boost_ok: :boost_ok: :boost_ok:

My wife @penelope is now unemployed because the shop she was working at closed down, so we need some help to make ends meet while she looks for a new job. Anything helps ❀

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