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complaining about subtitled videos (as a hearing person) 

First: I can hear fine, but I have trouble processing speech, so I like to have subtitles for video content.

You know whats bad?
Videos without subtitles.
You know what's a little better?
Videos with auto-generated subtitles
You know what's worse?
Videos with rephrased subtitles!

The meaning might be the same and it might be shorter, but I read the subtitles to help me process the audio. If they are different, I can't understand either!

Trans kids should get hormones: A biochemist's argument 

Kids taking hormones is the most reversible form of transition out there from the perspective of a developing endocrine system. As such, hand-wringing, especially by TERFs, who are in the disgusting habit of romanticizing kids' bodies specifically harder than practically anyone since the Victorian obsession with childhood, only means that when transition happens, the effects it does have are going to stick around longer, and are going to require longer periods of HRT.

If it's a question of being unable to consent to transition, well, we subject kids to puberty and nobody bothered to ask them if they wanted that. We have an entire industry of people dedicated to finding solutions to aging, a natural process. Why is it out of the question to give people more favorable developments at a time when those are going to be the easiest to manage? officially costs $10 a month to run on Linode, time to start looking for a new place

It's just the storage requirements for the database killing me, 25GB simply was not enough.

drugs, facebook ad, seattle 

look what i just got an ad for on facebook lmao

selfie, twink with a hammer, no eye contact 

i was not kidding

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a story about detransitioning* 

someone very close to me came out as nonbinary in 2011. they used a different name and pronouns, and they cut their hair short.

in 2015 they detransitioned (dt) and presented as a cis woman. i’ve talked to this person at length, as they’re very close to me, and they didn’t dt because they felt they were cis. they dt’d because they are ambivalent about their gender performance, and they felt increasingly unsafe performing androgyny in their environment. (1/4)

Someone needs to tell the firework people it's only 9:15

Hey people on the East Coast pls CW your new year posts, we don't want to get spoilers out here!!

bisexualism is lit

i think we should vote to normalize it

Most autism things in general are by non autistic people, because we're not considered to even be a valid human viewpoint - anything we might say is just useless because we're clearly broken, so why should they listen to us avocate for ourselves?

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Decided to search for "Autism" in my podcast app and boy, was that a depressing sight.
It's all for parents, and it's all about handling autistic people like they're broken and you're fixing them. So many puzzle pieces and crayon drawings.

would fucking hate it if a tornado came and sucked me off

if you're going to FOLLOW my PAGE you might as well just FUCK my WIFE

Have you seen a cool emoji on someone's message, but you can't find it on your own emoji picker?

✅ Your Mastodon instance admin can add custom emoji, contact your admin if you would like emoji added

Admins can copy emoji from other instances or create their own.

Here are some useful emoji hints for Mastodon admins:

This is a tool for seeing each instance's custom emoji:

#MastoTips #FediTips #Emoji

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