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how can you see this and not think windows is the best operating system

bloodborne is the most realistic depiction of living in england in all of video games


i should bake a cake sometime tbh

on fosstodon & racism 

when Stallman fucking endorses pedophilia then we have to separate "the message from messager" but when a Black person is mean to you, then it's "so much for your cause"

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on fosstodon & racism 

white fossheads will lose their fucking minds in rage & curse you out if you dared ask a question before sifting through documentation but somehow find it acceptable to ask offensive, racist, and ignorant questions to Black people

Fedilab - Not just a Friendica app for Androids

The most excellent #Fedilab app supports #Friendica, #GNU Social, #Mastodon, #Peertube, #Pixelfed, and #Pleroma in a single multi-account platform, including cross-Posting, special timeline following, Invidious and Nitter integration, one touch translation, and much much more.

I've included links to the Home page, F-Droid repo, and several HowTo #videos.  

Out of the box it's is simple and straight forward to use, but it's also highly customizable and powerful for the more demanding and discerning user.

It is by far the most full featured #Fediverse client for #Android devices and is free of any sort of hard coded censorship, blocking, or crippleware built into some of the other current apps.…

Here's some HoTo videos on its usage:

#tallship #Vger #FOSS #OpenSource

I hope that helps 😀


Back on the subject of federated moderation (masto) versus centralized (insta):

While I do believe the federated model is better in terms of a higher concentration of admins, and more personal and friendly moderation, there are other issues with it:

1. No formalized system for discussing issues with other admins (both intra- and inter-instance) and resolving things in a measured and sensible way.

2. Scuffles between different instance admins who see themselves as being on opposing sides rather than as peers/colleagues.

3. Zero accountability or review process for admins who make questionable decisions.

4. The killswitch for an instance is ultimately in the admin's hands: if they pull the plug, it's over. That's a lot of responsibility.

Not sure how to resolve these issues. Thoughts?

gender isn't a shape and neither is politics

Anyone here use pleroma? I want to try it out but I'm not sure what I should be looking for or what to expect.

you gotta stop feeding your gamer the kibbles. your gamer needs wet food

whoever joined the meetup with the name Blue Lives Splatter is my hero

What the fuck is...

I just rebooted Windows and there's this videocamera icon on the system tray that wasn't there before. I hover over it and it says "Meet Now".

????? did something just like surreptitiously install Zoom on my computer when I wasn't looking??

and no. It's a Skype thing. Now integrated into Windows apparently.

Fuck you Microsoft, no thanks.

Turn this into an emoji for me, but like only the jug

According to lastfm I listened to 70 days and 24 hours of music last year, which just sounds to me like 71 days, but what do I know

complaining about subtitled videos (as a hearing person) 

First: I can hear fine, but I have trouble processing speech, so I like to have subtitles for video content.

You know whats bad?
Videos without subtitles.
You know what's a little better?
Videos with auto-generated subtitles
You know what's worse?
Videos with rephrased subtitles!

The meaning might be the same and it might be shorter, but I read the subtitles to help me process the audio. If they are different, I can't understand either!

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