the only chess i care about is the computer 3d chess where the pieces fight and theyre also big booby ladies and they have epic sex

trans harry potter headcanons are no longer valid. every harry potter character is cis, and what’s more not a single one of them wipes their ass

human beings really were meant to make things huh

the pawns in chess are femboys. no further questions

People who write political medium posts like they're writing for cracked, please cease.

@Gargron They even have a profanity filter in the recent Command & Conquer remastered collection and it's just as funny there as it is in DOTA2.

Modern politics is just screaming "NO U" and whoever screams loudest seems to be the winner.

To deny the humanity of the fascist is, I think, to absolve them, in a way, of their worst evils. It reduces them to a Tolkien-like race of inherently malicious monsters, whose actions are the result of some political determinism. But that’s not the reality. And, moreover, the fact that the fascist *is* human — like you, or me, or the people they persecute — makes their decision to live, act, and think the way they do even more heinous.

Fascism is frightening because it is an essentially human ideology. Humans have the potential to be monsters — and in most cases, they do so by choice.

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i'm deprecating my matrix account

if you've added me on matrix pls add me again as
and i'll probably invite you in a bit to a new DM there if we have one

this man has mastered regeneration. compared to them? you are nothing

the virgin 'philosophy of mind' vs the chad 'phenomenology'

This is year 2020, stop saying groupsex, this is just crowdpounding.

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