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Here is a friendly reminder that I have moved to @sina <3!

Lovely reminder Sina has moved to @sina <3!

Here is a friendly reminder that I have moved to @sina <3!

Okay, so I think I have everything set up -- I have started my migration over to @sina

Toot cat's certificate has expired.

Maybe trying to get glitch-soc to run was more than I can handle. >_>

I wonder why db:setup is aborting when I try to set this up >_<

Thank you for hosting and everything you do here, @chr :heart_is:

Have you taken time to appreciate your instance admin?

It isn't even 2018 and I'm inspired to cover a few songs that are incredibly meaningful to me.

Inspiration started early, I see. I hope this is a sign of things to come!

Today has had a very unexpected (but super welcome) twist of events :heart_is:

Okay, so is there any way I can tweak Single User Mode to redirect to the correct account? >.>

Hyvää uutta vuotta! Happy New Year!

"Hi, would you like some breakfast with your garlic?" Me, to myself, after eating a bite of the food I made.

Whew it's garlicky. :3

Oh gosh I woke up rather late. >_>

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Gosh, I really would love a mobile masto app that uses filters. I can't even use it most of the time because I just see a ton of birdsite links / retweets (which are filtered out on desktop).

And I don't want to unfollow or mute people, because I value what they say when they aren't cross-posting. :/

Firefox has annoyingly weird "stutter" when I type and scroll, but Vivaldi is fine. :(

My "most listened to song" in 2017 was a tie:

"Electric Shock" by f(x),
"Mommy Complex" by Peaches,
"Cinnamon Girl" by Type O Negative,
"MOON PRIDE" by Momoiro Clover Z,
"Assimilate" by Skinny Puppy,
"Selfish love -愛してくれ、愛してるから-" by MIYAVI

Second place is even more of a mess, so I won't even go there right now.

Whoops, I somehow accidentally deleted my previous toot.

I really want to like using Firefox. :/