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@sina So instead of following me here, you should follow elsewere :)

Friendly reminder that I don't actively use this account. You can find me at @sina

Occasionally old things get boosted from this account, but I don't use it anymore except as a backup in the event one of my instances goes down. ❤

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I just *love* stuck data exports.

They're the best.

Is there a way to cancel an archive compilation that's been seemingly stuck, in Mastodon?

Getting back into doing some space art and I'm so very excited x3

I haven't had this drive to do art for several years!

Here is the full version of my profile picture: drawn in @Krita then printed on watercolour paper and coloured with a mix of pencils and watercolours.

#fantasy #elf #art #mastoart #illustration

A small painting I did with FW acrylic ink. Took me a while to figure out what to draw but since spring is ending soon I might as well paint some peach flowers 🌸

#art #acrylicink #watermediums #painting #peachflower #mastoart

Here is my Lady Trevelyan, a mage, and my canon Inquisitor in Dragon Age Inquisition.
I love that game so much I have been picking it up and playing it for years now.

#DA #Inquisition #dragonage #Fantasy #dragonageinquisition #art #mastoart #fantasy

Onion based federation is now working with #pleroma on #freedombone. This means that it's now possible to follow users on "onion only" installs.

This type of federation is quite significant, because it means independence from the DNS and CA systems. It means that even if you don't control your local internet router or don't have money to spend on domain names you can still create a social network. It significantly reduces the complexity barrier to entry for running a home server.

And don't give me that "but I'm using it over WiFi/Bluetooth/messenger pidgeons" bullshit. Your mobile phones baseband (the chip used to connect to cell towers) is a complete blackbox with its own OS.

Combine this with shit like glued-in batteries and you get a mobile tracking device you can't ever reliably turn off without just outright smashing the whole thing with a sledgehammer.

I mean, whenever you use a mobile app, you're locatable because your phone connects to the nearest cell tower.

And we already know that this sort of data is routinely used for "targeted" killings in drone warfare.

We also know that government organizations set up fake cell towers (stingrays being the most famous) at demonstrations to snoop on who is there and (at least trying) to get into their phones.

I know this is at least true for the US and Germany, but I'm expecting this to be routine.

I absolutely hate how new messaging tools are always mobile-only.

I don't trust mobile phones hardware and I don't trust their software either.

I have no need to have my movements and connections to people tracked 24/7 and I have even less need of supplying messaging apps with globally unique identifiers associated to me (like, you know, a *phone number*).

IMO this is the main weakness of pretty much every messaging app of the last decade and it'll bite y'all in the arse sooner or later.

Just fixed my screen tearing issue in Linux and I could cry with happiness.

"Bookmark all tabs" auto-creates a folder and I'm in love.

I can now sorta save work progress research into a folder and then "open all in tabs" later when I'm ready to work again.

Why did I not know this before... I am sure this has been a thing for *years*

We are currently working on figuring out how the #GDPR will effect #Mastodon

We have reached out and asked for help from #EFF ( @eff ).

Currently there's a discussion on the projects GitHub, and if you know anything that may help us that's the place to go. Please try to read the conversation before pitching in though!

I selected "cybre light" and now I can't select the default cybre skin. 😂 I'm stuck with the pink, I guess.