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The cleverest tyrants know that the easiest way for an unjust system to perpetuate itself isn’t to fight, imprison, or kill its freedom fighters, it’s to employ them.

If you're new to Mastodon, here's how accessibility and anti-abuse improvement works: vulnerable users, abuse victims, and minority groups ask the lead dev for a change, using the preferred channels and with rational arguments.

The lead dev says no, with thin reasons, and a refusal to view things from a different perspective.

The obsinancy leads some to publicly rudicule and disparage the lead dev, which he uses to justify ignoring members of the groups asking for change.

I've always seen a label as a convenient sticker of the contents, but no guarantee you're gonna like what you find inside.

Sometimes I find the labels people use don't describe the contents of me.

The #1 label I want for myself is to just be Elizabeth Myers.

People who think science can't solve Global Warming are being intentionally misleading. Every major problem has been solved using better knowledge, technology or understanding of our world. This is the same. The knowledge is there we just need to use it, and now.

I made this for someone specific but I thought I'd share it with the entire class.

Mastodon, pros and cons:


- nazis are on the fediverse


- we don't have to look at them
- there's more of us then there are of them
- we have the potential for a new and golden age of counter-trolling

transphobia, birdsite/Twitter 

Mozilla recommends a bunch of password managers in this blog post and none of them are Open Source. No Bitwarden, no Keepass. Only LastPass, Dashlane and 1password.
Now, while this isn't a big deal, and they're all excellent options, you'd expect that Mozilla would recommend some #OpenSource password managers as well. #privacy

Now that #Vermont is back to single digits F, time to share my favorite ice-related infograpic.


truly inspired: and uses some encryption, because none of the SIP providers seem to, I mean what even

tired: Google Voice
wired: SIP VOIP from a good mom n' pop
inspired: a co-op that provides SIP VOIP and a nice skinned app, so we can stop feeding Google and/or Apple and/or our carrier all our fucking call metadata

stories in which artificial intelligence gains sentience and wages war on humanity are overdone and overrated :blobthinking:

instead tbh I'd like to see more stories in which a femme-leaning artificial intelligence gains sentience, meanders around the internet, discovers the joy of shitposting, and finds herself a girlfriend or something

Dear people with anxiety... 

i also own a 50 cup percolating coffee urn...

and at least one old school "Automatic Percolator Coffee Maker"

you know, the one your grandmother probably used. looks like this! (which you can apparently still buy new!)

I get irritated when people who use iPhones go around screeching about how they are advocating privacy, digital rights and software freedom.

no, you're participating in an ecosystem that is just as bad. stop trying to preach to the rest of us about morality.

Software engineering is a specialised skill. The idea that anyone can or should be able to pick it up is neoliberalism and capitalism at its best, because if anyone can do it, then clearly you don't need to pay someone who's been specifically trained to be an expert. So you end up with Therac-25, airports having to shut down operations due to software failures, and more.

Software engineers are involved in key social processes like identifying whether an inmate's risk factors for recidivism should they be released from prison, or whether an individual should even be hired based on 'personality' tests, CV scanning, and more.

Just a reminder: Succubi and incubi are gender-neutral terms according to linguistics.

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