@emsenn @ajroach42 Make something that halfway resembles a spec for the underlying data file, and I'll start making things that eat it. :blobsunglasses:

the goal with everything I do is to build ethical technology that works for everyone, which respects privacy and tries as hard as possible to provide deniability.

this causes me to have very strong opinions when I encounter bad design practices that potentially endanger users of the technology.

do better instead of yammering about how permanent foolproof deletion is impossible. that's the copout of people who don't care to even try to protect users where they can.

trust and safety issues are hard, but essential to solve as best as possible for users of the technology.

What if we put an eyeball on top of Santa Claus' body! 

Hey, all my instance-running friends!

Where do y'all get your custom emojis?

@idesofmerch @loki Hah, good. I need to do more of that myself. Got a gut to lose.

@emsenn @ajroach42 I love this idea. It really wouldn't be hard to rig clients on a multitude of devices that just poll the listed help.toml files to make a local request list. People could just throw the file up wherever they can, and publish the address in their profiles.

And now, as was mentioned, we just have to standardize, lol.

medical, shitty 

Me, doing my exercise plan: "oh, haha, I just T-pose for five minutes! How is that ever exercise???"
Me, two and a half minutes into it, on the verge of tears: "Oooooh."

here's a fun tip: let your self-worth be tied to your ability to perform a series of ever-shifting nebulous tasks

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