I've got a different view of the word "monster" than most normals—or at least a different view of what it means to be one.

Many of us are different. Many have desires that others consider monstrous. Many want to change our physical shapes, or identify differently.

There are those among us who can stare unflinchingly into the most costly decisions and cope, because we've stared into the abyss already & taken part of it for our own.

We're everything from small & subtle to beautiful & terrible. We rock.


Monsters are necessary in this world. Monsters are what make this place fascinating. Monsters do the impossible and impolitic things.

The greatest acts of good or evil are always a bit monstrous.

I'm proud to be a monster. I'm proud to be of the dark, but working for the good. I'm proud to say I'm different in many ways, not least being an addict/alcoholic in recovery.

Never send an Angel to do a Monster's job.

@Seylerius Glad you enjoyed it! I love that podcast. Great short stories from history, told in a compelling way :)

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