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Monsters are necessary in this world. Monsters are what make this place fascinating. Monsters do the impossible and impolitic things.

The greatest acts of good or evil are always a bit monstrous.

I'm proud to be a monster. I'm proud to be of the dark, but working for the good. I'm proud to say I'm different in many ways, not least being an addict/alcoholic in recovery.

Never send an Angel to do a Monster's job.

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I've got a different view of the word "monster" than most normals—or at least a different view of what it means to be one.

Many of us are different. Many have desires that others consider monstrous. Many want to change our physical shapes, or identify differently.

There are those among us who can stare unflinchingly into the most costly decisions and cope, because we've stared into the abyss already & taken part of it for our own.

We're everything from small & subtle to beautiful & terrible. We rock.

the goal with everything I do is to build ethical technology that works for everyone, which respects privacy and tries as hard as possible to provide deniability.

this causes me to have very strong opinions when I encounter bad design practices that potentially endanger users of the technology.

do better instead of yammering about how permanent foolproof deletion is impossible. that's the copout of people who don't care to even try to protect users where they can.

trust and safety issues are hard, but essential to solve as best as possible for users of the technology.

What if we put an eyeball on top of Santa Claus' body! 

Hey, all my instance-running friends!

Where do y'all get your custom emojis?

Me, doing my exercise plan: "oh, haha, I just T-pose for five minutes! How is that ever exercise???"
Me, two and a half minutes into it, on the verge of tears: "Oooooh."

here's a fun tip: let your self-worth be tied to your ability to perform a series of ever-shifting nebulous tasks

selfie, boosts ok!! 

hey people, this is your regular reminder that PC is still not the same as Windows

Twitter screenshot, poverty 

Wow, this talk is Amazing: "we don't just have to avoid building harmful technology, we have to actively work to build something positive."

Surveillance across the board 

Google/Facebook are to the health of our human rights and democracy what Philip Morris is to the health of our bodies and what Exxon Mobil is to the health of our habitat.

If you’re a doctor, you do not get sponsored by Big Tobacco. If you’re an environmentalist, you do not get sponsored by Exxon Mobil. If you’re a privacy advocate, a human rights activist, or a democrat, you do not get sponsored by Google, Facebook, or any other surveillance capitalist.

It’s that simple.


This morning I moaned about how there should be a parameterized design for modular & stackable ESP/Arduino/RaspberryPi cases.

Only a couple hours later and an entire project has formed around the idea and several people started working on it. Check out our humble beginnings:

Thanks to @Chaos_99 @nin @ericbuijs for sharing all the enthusiasm and putting so much work into it! This is going to be great!

connector genders 

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