My new hairdryer arrived! It's terracota and cyan and giving me the urge for a spray-dye 80s perm.

Also makes me realise I've not heard of anyone writing a mind-control hairdryer where someone gets more bimbo'd the fluffier their hair gets.

Perhaps not something I'd write myself, except as a background character sort of thing, but.. the imagery makes me wonder if/why it's not been done before.

Yesterdays womble is now in the back garden to dismantle. A stairlift.

Does anyone know what tune the map music from the Goonies actually is?

"July 20, 2019" 

"July 20, 2019" 

"July 20, 2019" 

"July 20, 2019" 

"July 20, 2019" 

"July 20, 2019" is mostly text. Commentaries on short story's set in our now present, explained for the people of 1987. Any pictures are pretty generic.

Here's the first couple of pages about what we'd now call a Smart Home being arrested for murder.

Korps*Sci may have some difficulty expressing frustrations/threats to lab assistants..

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Out in the depths of the multiverse there's a version of Sci working for The Korps.

Cyberneticist. "Does robots". Utility spinal augment. Enjoys intimidating lab assistants with implications about how he lost his eye. No one knows how he *actually* lost it.

Sketched up an idea for the Korps "evil tachikoma".

The rear vehicle is a convertible Talbot Sunbeam. The one in front is also a convertible but had no visible markings. Anyone recognise the make & model?

Poor things were obviously well restored before the owner died & the covers weren't replaced. The wood & fabrics are now rotten but the metal is only just showing signs of rust.

Today I have been going through the Access Control System parts list and making a detailed Bill of Materials. I looked up what sort of economies of scale there are. It's not too bad.

A single ACS will cost nearly £110. But making 10 costs only £75 each. Savings then tail off rapidly.

So it's perfectly economical to make ACS units in lots of 10 or 20 and only cost £2-3 more than making 160 of them. But also £35 cheaper than making them one by one. This is very useful data.

Okay, yes, that hand-crimped cable works for PoE.

Doing it this way saves space and reduces the part count.

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