That's £85 into debt I go to buy a new laser tube because making things on it both gives me joy and has the potential to earn me some cash. I hope.

Hopefully the tube is only as crap as the one the machine was built with and not complete crap.

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What would you like to see in our solarpunk future?

It's so easy to talk about what you don't want in the future, but harder to pin down what you do want. So my idea is simply to capture and share your ideas the kind of things you want to see in a solarpunk future.

You can read my post, which describes this in a bit more detail:

Then feel free to start submitting your ideas, which I'll collate them and create a new post to inspire and share.

#Solarpunk #SolarpunkFuture #ClimateChange

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This is just bloody awesome, and I love the physical seed library they have made:

“The Connected Seeds Library lives at Spitalfields City Farm in east London. A seed library works a bit like a regular book lending library. In order to borrow seeds from the library you will need to become a member. Members can take seeds home to grow, and are encouraged to return some of the seeds to the library at the end of the season, in order to maintain the stock of available seeds.”

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Living in Hawaii, a lot of the English-speaking fediverse is sleeping by the time the sun sets. Hungry for stuff to read in the evening, I've been enjoying "visiting" the local timelines of different instances, and I love how some have distinct personalities and themes (often by design). Any cool instances I should check out? #mastodon #fediverse

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Oh no! There's a company that makes black special effect smoke pellets.

I'm suddenly feeling the need to revisit my Gunslinger Percy cosplay idea.

There's also likely some savings to make (a couple of quid per unit) by doing a better job hunting down the fixings. I ended up just browsing ebay at the end there. Buying a bucket of each from Bolt & Bearing will last a lifetime at a workshop.

Today I have been going through the Access Control System parts list and making a detailed Bill of Materials. I looked up what sort of economies of scale there are. It's not too bad.

A single ACS will cost nearly £110. But making 10 costs only £75 each. Savings then tail off rapidly.

So it's perfectly economical to make ACS units in lots of 10 or 20 and only cost £2-3 more than making 160 of them. But also £35 cheaper than making them one by one. This is very useful data.

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I realized that core message of #Solarpunk regarding non-western cultures should be to stop treating them as exotic.

We should totally ban the word "exotic" and the mindset of something being appealing only because the culture is different than ours.

Other cultures have their own problems and ways of dealing with them, but we're all people. Let's stop fetishizing this cultural distance, even in aesthetics.

#writing #art

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@thegibson if you're approached by police, turn your phone off. Even with biometrics enabled it'll demand your password on boot.

I gotta see a business advisor soon. I'm rapidly getting over my head.

Just checking one thing today threw up dozens of laws and regulations as well as maybe £30k of extra setup expenses.

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The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.

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Reading Neuromancer for once and thinking about how it recontextualises noir for a new displacement; noir is a mode and a genre simultaneously, but it’s predicated on postwar masculine anxiety. Case is a voyeur and a cowboy of the next plane, but in our world, he’s a neutered burnout trying to die.

Not done but. Classic Cyberpunk protagonists take from that displacement, the lost archetypes of masculinity seeking some kind of place in the new paradigm, and they never really seem to find it.

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Don't trust "open source" projects with Contributor License Agreements, they are effectively not open source/free software at all and cannot be trusted or forked in productive ways that eliminate corporate control. (glares at Microsoft with VSCode and Azure)

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I've joked before about bitcoin turbonerds wanting to fuck the blockchain, but I didn't expect to get this literal

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Cat tries to comfort the dog who is scared of the oven fan

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Okay, yes, that hand-crimped cable works for PoE.

Doing it this way saves space and reduces the part count.

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