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Sargoth (cyborg aspect)

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Kink: looking at a nuclear revolutionary announcement in a field you know very little about, and go
seems legit

This is a regular reminder that the technical debt of your spare cybernetic body parts will add up over time, and that it is exponentially more worth it to do a minor amount of prevention now than to launch into full troubleshooting mode later

Kink: audiobook torrents which include the books the book you are downloading is referencing

In this house
[is overrun by cyborg cats]

In this house
we also embrace the word 'club'
because honestly
the oontz is forever

Become the abandoned space station you want to see orbiting the world

who else likes that soft murmuring noise computers make while they are running idly

Googles "youtube 10 hours CRT degaussing noises"

Looking at the defrag interface doing its thing ASMR ten hours

Relay if you'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess

Florp it your spare parts are in such disrepair that they could use divine intervention right about now

Sometimes, life comes at you fast

at other times, it comes at you by means of a six year old blog post you forgot you wrote and which has little relevance to anything you do at the moment

there really is no standard process for these things

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It is now safe to turn off your computer