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Sargoth (cyborg aspect)

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the most devastating threat Show more

if you enter into snooze mode online, you fall asleep in real life

tfw you'd rather be a cyborg than a goddess

dating strategy:
[old style hard drive noises]

*reverses polarity*
*realizes that this simply means putting the batteries in backwards, and wonders what the expected outcome was*

this is a general reminder to seed your torrents

How to build a low-tech air condition:
1. turn on a moderately sized fan
2. place a bottle of cold water in front of the fan
3. place a towel or something under the bottle to deal with condensation
4. replace water as required

an ever increasing number of dragons

*computer power up*
*fan whirrs*
*disk A goes loud*
*a scattering of hard drive noises*

Reminder to double-check that those things that those things that are supposed to be plugged in are plugged in, and those that are unplugged unplugged

confuse and impress your friends by installing Winamp in your main pair of arms

Brexit: will of the people Show more

Become the swarm of tiny robots you want to see in the world