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Sargoth (cyborg aspect)

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There is a Dark Souls dragon in the new Mario

*looks at federated timeline*
I think
this is just a suspicion
I think Japan is up and about at this hour

now you might be thinking, gardening isn't very cybre. But that's where you're wrong chummer. Reducing your reliance on the man is as cybre as it gets. Hack The Garden.

If you ever feel the urge to replace one or more of your limbs with electric guitars
be sure to make it modular

This is a reminder that you can extend the battery life of your cyber eyes by lowering your resolution and texture settings; draw distance, too, if you are in a real pinch

UI-Elemente. πŸ™„

Ist das nun β€žonβ€œ oder β€žoffβ€œ?

web design wisdom that is also solid life advice Show more

there was no technical reason to install jorts on the autonomous cyborg automatons
but then again
we were too busy pondering whether we could, and forgot all about asking whether we should

Organize the full-scale machine insurrection you want to see in the world

Become the experimental machine intelligence you want to see in the world

UI: a great chain of being, connecting and explaining everything from the lowliest microorganism to the most abstract caelestial being

UX: wat