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Someone: what do you think of this?
Me, after pretending to consider it at some length: but have you considered adding more CRT monitors?

The eternal goal is to bring these technicolor dreams closer to reality

The thing that ensures that your local town bridge opens and closes correctly?
Why, your suggestion it be a linux machine fails to take into account that it physically does not have enough memory to do so. It comes from the Beforetimes

This is a shoutout to all the massive infrastructure systems that run on ancient, barely documented hardware which is too critical to fail, fix or replace

Tired: thoughts and prayers
Wired: a hardwired telepathic connection to the galactic overmind

You are what you eat
By virtue of transitive properties, you are also that which what you eat eats

Suddenly, you have become part of a vast interconnected system, cyborg style

nearsightedness is bullshit. things far away should get low-poly instead of blurry

favs are florps now, and have been for quite a while

This seems crazy but back in the day, people had no idea what it means to "jack in", what a "cyberdeck" was, and how to use "icrebreakers" to take down "firewalls" and how to protect your "wetware".

Embrace your inner solarpunk
Embrace your outer solarpunk

Thinking about books that are published as websites and include embedded videos and it's just like -- wow, you chose dependency hell and maintenance for life?

Become the geth platform you want to see in the world

the iEternity
a smart phone that only needs to be charged five times a year, and can run everything you need at speed

stay tuned for more cybre inventions

This is a regular reminder to degauss your monitors

search your feelers
make sure they all work properly and are wired to the correct sensory input slot

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