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"cyborg being sargoth, did you only figure this out just now"
that is an accurate description of the situation

hold on
it's called a circuit because it goes around
in a circuit

Imagine returning to the technooptimism of the 90s, when computers were new and the future was just around the corner, and every once in a while you would glimpse it between dealings with the utterly ordinary everyday everything

just a glimpse, in newspapers, television features and - with luck - in glossy books covering the bright new interconnected world to come


hedgehogs are so fucking tiny I cry whenever I see one

become the battle-hardened warrior cyborg with a heart of gold you want to see in the world

hot tip: keep an image of a hippo taking a bath on all your devices then if it's someone's birthday and you're not sure what to say just send that and say "hippo bathday." they're guaranteed to love it

A dragon is a cat who got what they wished for. *curls up in a sunbeam and goes to sleep*

your arm
how attached are you to it?
may I interest you in an upgrade, featuring our new and improved plug & play drivers?

tired: like comment and subscribe
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embrace your outer cyborg
if applicable, embrace your inner cyborg

multichannel multimedia multimodal multiplex multiplayer
or mmmmm, for short

I was once told a story about some kid that worried too much so his nan gave him some worry dolls (little dolls that you tell your worries to) but then he got worried that his worry dolls were too worried about his problems so he made smaller worry dolls for the worry dolls and honestly mastodon, I think we can all relate to this story...

"the edit box. it's too smol"
*moves it over to the portrait mode monitor*
solved it

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