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1-800-273-8255 - Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 - Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 - Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 Self Harm Hotline

Anyway had a backless top on in the sun yesterday and my back isn't burning. so yay.

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Wow, if only there were a genre that existed to criticize the way corporations treated people that could speak out against this sort of thing

Release that tension in your shoulders.
Please write down what you feel you need to do.
Please remember to cross off what you can do without.
Take your meds
Make any call you need to.
Have some water hun.

If I were to start a #fibercrafts / #FiberArts instance, which format would you want it in?

Note that I know almost nothing about how to register a domain and set up either kind of instance, and would need extensive help to do either.

#knitting #crochet #embroidery #YarnTales

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[ ] Pixelfed/Anfora

Ooo I'm excited for that upcoming board game where you play someone with a kind of shitty job in the renaissance. I bet there are multiple paths to victory and we get all the victory points
Oooh maybe I'll have workers and an extra disc to show i've made over 100 points.

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