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1-800-273-8255 - Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 - Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 - Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 Self Harm Hotline

Recognize your workers' union!


Seven Seas Entertainment ( has informed us that it will not voluntarily recognize United Workers of Seven Seas.


Weirdle Al 



Statistics & Leaderboards: reddit(.)com/r/weirdle

racking my brain on every flashy style parody.

Due to tiredness and a request I did not honestly expect, I seemed to have decided that now was the perfect time to install pop! is on a spare computer.
I forgot updates.
Oh jeez the updates.

The frogs outside are having the Time. Of. Their. Life.

They're under the porch, not getting pictures

More daily -rdle 


🪗 🟩⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️⬜️

Statistics & Leaderboards: reddit(.)com/r/weirdle

Someone make the Weird Al one cause of course :blobcatlisten:

mass shooting 

Been fucking 10 years since the Sandy Hook shooting and the only thing the US government has done for schools is pre-traumatize the faculty and students.
And make trans kids more miserable. Great job.

someone please tell about this


Seth Green’s Bored Ape NFT, which was set to star in its own animated show, was stolen through a phishing scam.

Green no longer owns the commercial rights to the NFT and thus the show cannot move forward.



hey, if you like dnd beyond, the intro adventure and acquisitions incorporated are free on dnd beyond

nsfw i guess, question 

are there any sex worker friendly instances now that switter is gone? :/

That one asshole bird that was pecking our back window all of yesterday has left.

This thumbnail popped up on youtube and I just. I haven't even watched the video. but this is so goddamned funny to me.

Weirder Earth has moved to invite-only for the time being, to allow the community to get settled with the recent influx of new members.

Existing members are welcome to extend invitations to their friends via

(repost for off-instance federation)




Little secret about Mastodon: the third party unofficial apps are really good! :blobhappy:

Because they've been around a lot longer, the third party apps have more features than the official apps.

You can see links to the third party apps listed underneath the official app links on the Mastodon website, just scroll down the page a bit:

Also, most of the unofficial apps (such as Metatext, Fedilab and Tusky) are open source so outsiders can see exactly what they do and how they work. This makes them just as safe to use as the official apps.

If you haven't tried the third party apps yet, it's well worth giving them a go.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon

⚡ mastodon power user lifehacks ⚡

⚫ use the advanced interface with multiple columns to see multiple timelines at once

⚫ display all categories in the notifications tab to sort by replies, faves, boosts, poll results, and follows

⚫ you can pin specific lists and hashtags to separate columns in the advanced interface

don't keep cool knowledge to yourself!!!

- the world is better when more people know more things
- infodumping is really sexy
- uhhhhhhhhh i forgot what i was saying i was thinking about girls and enbies who infodump at me
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