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1-800-273-8255 - Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 - Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 - Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 Self Harm Hotline

The gender of the day is a spiked jean jacket.

So I guess people are upset there's a wheelchair in the game where mage hand and teleportation magic are things.
Don't play with me. Like not only is that some ableist bullshit, but also just a total lack of thought.

Given that I remember watching He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, I'm seriously disappointed in the lack of homoeroticism in the setting.
It's He-Man. What the hell has ever been hetero about it?

lewd, money 

It actively sucks the air from the room.
It's hard to explain the concept of other TTRPGs existing around it.


All right - let’s hear you confessions.


What organization is revoking these cards for various fandoms?
I must speak with their managers and stop them. they can't revoke shit.

I'm also trying to unlearn this habit, but I don't really like when friends do this sort of thing.
You know this group, you know these games. You can imagine which ones would be a bad fit, or which ones you want to play with specifically those friends.


Where did you find this photo of me? πŸ˜…


pooping myself in existential dread, signing off on a home loan. for a home.

Oh fuck off Ren and Stimpy? Who gives a shit. Show already had a chance at a reboot and it was hated.

Cowd fund for black trans man elders, Ethan Thomas Young, Rev. Louis Mitchell, and Kylar Broadus, Esq

It's mentioned later in the thread, but that site does have "Is there misgendering" and "were gays buried" questions


"Does The Dog Die" but it's "Does This Old Show You Used To Like Have A Sudden Transphobic Episode That You Forgot About"


14 sales in about 14 days? Worth a shot :-)
Also, generally cute descriptors. It would be fun to create some NPC contestants for a gentle or silly bit of another campaign.
The game itself is also just cute as hell.

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I would LOVE to have 30 sales for by August 18th.

It's been out about 3 days, and between Itch & DTRPG, we have amassed 16 sales. That's great!

But it's my birthday month and I want 30.


Nowhere near this hardcore TBH
Looks pretty though


Hey guys!! I'm so excited to say I made a picrew!!
If you play it please show me your creation, i'm excited to see!


Ravelry; ableism; accessibility; trolling / harassment; link to twitter 

ok, so thinking of running D&D but with the Ancestry and Culture generation rules, basically the die roll guide from Quest (or vaguely the Cypher system difficulty settings) relationship and beliefs from Pbta and fitd, and likely not actually reading much of D&D rulebooks

Is this still D&D?
(this is my basic mood now)

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