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1-800-273-8255 - Suicide Hotline

877-226-3111 - Addiction Hotline

844-228-2962 - Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 Self Harm Hotline

Cause like, those kids will meet me and explaining I'm a the trans is tiring. Also I usually go off the rails and talk about Nintendo or Blaseball. so ya know. Get those kids decent education rather than "IS JAYLEN HOTDOGFINGERS OK?"

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Hey, some cancel culture people want to ban queer books for children at my kid's school. Could y'all sign this petition and let the school district know those lgbtq+ books are good?

HEY you don't have a problem coming up with a TTRPG character name anymore

To any trans person or enby that has chosen their new name from a blaseball player, have a lovely night.
To those who went with Chorby, my heart goes out to you

Ready Player One pooped its pants and died in the street so Space Jame 2 could run

TBH not sure why they did. There's a decent chance I might bump into them at some point, which is the only reason why I have given it thought.


Tell me a story of why someone blocked you on here.


A moment of fake shock for those who have learned a country song could be about adultery


i literally sing about lean & adultery in old town road. u decided to let your child listen. blame yourself.


TBH, I thought it was about teaching children to take turns and generally a playset.


Candyland was invented in 1948 by retired schoolteacher Eleanor Abbott. Importantly, she designed the game during the height of the polio epidemic while surrounded by children in a polio ward.


If didn't have a cricket gig I could see him looking up and memorizing every stat in then promptly explode.

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