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particularly skilled taurs (and/or those with immense rear leg strength) can involve both forelegs, of course, but for unskilled / less physically able taurs this can be risky to the hugee.

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taurhug: at least three limbed hug involving the taurs arms and at least one foreleg.

Personal Dragonet Assistants have a built in alarm function with snooze.

To activate the snooze function, gently pet your PDA's head and neck until they fall asleep.

Thank y'all, we're taken care of for the night

There was a sign on the wall just outside the dragon's lair:
"Take only what you need."
The thief peered around the corner. The dragon gave him a nod.
"Is this a trick?"
The dragon stretched out on his vast hoard.
"No. Your need can't possibly be big enough to make a difference."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The Win95 inspired theme over here is making me feel more than a little bit nostalgic.

I hate having to convince people I want to be called it/its.

"it seems disrespectful to you" I am asking you to call me that. I am literally telling you to do it. Where did your "respect people's pronouns" attitude go?

The only real problem with being plural is constantly having several separate and (often) not particularly compatible or multitask capable things you want to do at the same time.

Friend of ours just described us as having the goal of "being reborn into draconic majesty and cybernetic grace" and.

Extremely yes. that is a very succinct way of describing our goals.


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