@nautilee Sample size is only 3, and 4. Not enough data to be conclusive.

Assistance request, paypal link, money 

Hello everyone.
Most people seeing this do not know me, but, I'm writing this on behalf of my family.
@nautilee @Tryn @Siruco @pillowcat @P1L0T

Currently, all of them have managed to make it together and are living in close quarters. Money is extremely tight, and the search for work is ongoing. Until they can find work, any donations at all will help by going to food, bills, and other necessary expenses to get them through this.
Any bit at all helps, even just boosting. Thank you.


so this year

no new years resolutions

it is the circumstances turn to improve

I've been doing my damn part, frankly


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The optimal snake length is <ERROR: Integer Overflow> meters long.

The optimal snake length is <ERROR: Integer Overflow> meters long.

assistance request, paypal link 

we're sorry we keep having to ask for help but we're a household of three systems unable to work right now and we're behind on everything and need help trying to catch up on bills and covering us until someone can get a job.


@fluxom_alt Us of about 15 years ago would have responded in about the same way.

Which is good, honestly, because old us was A Dick.

Free worldbuilding idea 

Dragons don't necessarily need big gold hoard, they're just attracted to anything gold-coloured and sufficiently large for their size.

Are you royalty? You're probably familiar with having to swat away tiny wyrmlings from your crown. Are you a pretentious prick who decides to roof their house with gilt tiles? Don't be surprised if a dragon claims it for their nest. Wear a lot of expensive jewelry? expect dragon hugs!

Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser 


I know y'all are broke folks, but if you could boost this that'd be great. 💙

I'm trying to escape from a stressful/sometimes verbally abusive home situation, because having to keep falling back on my shitty defenses and bad coping mechanisms is keeping me from working on my boundary issues and just generally becoming the person that I want to be.

My escape plan is to get a cheap van conversion and live in that, but even the cheapest vans are more than I have money for, and I'm disabled enough that it's very hard for me to earn money. Still, I found a van that I really love, and I'd love to be able to get it.

Please help a Black, indigenous, homeless, or home-insecure person first! I don't feel emotionally safe but I am not physically insecure, and I have food. I'm just trying to reach for a life that feels like more than survival.

One of the advantages to being a snake or naga is that you can be your own pillow or blanket.

The body we were born in is only a suggestion - and a poor one at that.

We reject our humanity and substitute *ourselves*.

It is a beautiful day on the fediverse, and I am a terrifying dragon :3 -Nul

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