form musings 

Current form: A "PDA" or Personal Dragon Assistant. Small synthetic winged naga, uses tail to perch on limbs or shoulders. Hardlight and hologram emitters positioned every so often down length of body, capable of displaying information and even interactive media such as user interfaces or games, and extremely limited usage for making simple tools.

form musings 

Build would be overall androgynous besides a (potentially holographic?) ponytail and pair of decorative nerdy glasses extremely low on the nose. Large angled earfins, with display space on them for information such as current time and temperature. Extra thumb like digit on the wings to allow them to be used as somewhat clumsy extra arms.

...This is turning out to be an amazingly comfortable form, the more I think about it.


form musings 

An incredibly fun extension to this: An entire line of PDAs of different shapes and forms all sharing one identity. Your helpful synth friend is everywhere.

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re: form musings 

@S4R1 oh i like this idea a lot

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