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Actually not that much but the mood is the same, small rhythmic beat. Go figure, my brain finds similitudes where there aren't

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Mashup idea: Die Mensch Maschine and Starlight Jamboree.

This idea is fully powered by thel having a similar intro

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I want to take days off but I don't have enough energy to go back to my family, bleh

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bet my money on a stupid horse, i lost that 🐴
so i ran out to the track to get my cash back 🏃‍♀️
i just gotta leave this place with a big bag 💰
so i found the fuckin' jockey and i grabbed that 🏇
pushed him down to the ground and i punched him in his face 👊
yeah, i stole his phone, that put him in his place 📱
me and the horse, we ran out of the place 🐎
then we drove my porsche back to my place 🏎️

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Couldn't sit still during a meeting today and apparently I've still got #mushroom houses on my mind. Fountain pen on sketchbook paper

#doodle #MastoArt

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Love wasting days of work trying to figure why stuff doesn't work and gives absolutely non-indicating error codes

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Oh, maybe I should try to retopo my duck. Could be a neat exercise + that time it'd get a better topology than the curedly unsubdivided current one.

I like how on Tusky my avatar in the top left corner only moves when the app refreshes its visual content

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