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in the future, basically all websites will be full of unblockable ads and/or implemented entirely in ultra-fucked webassembly/opengl, and the tech-savvy will browse the web entirely through cat & mouse proxy servers running headless browsers to OCR the inaccessible content back into old-fashioned normal HTML and illegally redistribute it through peer-to-peer networks

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@AleixPol , President of KDE e.V., says: "A joint conference was only the beginning. KNOME, QTK3, Lollyrok... the possibilities for shared development are now limitless"

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I open my eyes and unfold my legs from the lotus position that they have been in. I stretch away the achiness and exhaustion that comes from uncountable days spent in silent meditation and take a sip of water, my first nutrition of any kind in all that time.

i dress slowly and exit the room, ignoring the horrified stares of the other monks. they can see the enlightenment in my eyes and they fear it more than they ever feared God.

i sit down at a desk in front of a computer. one of the senior monks starts to raise an objection, but one glance from me and he quiets down. I nod sadly. I'm far beyond his help, or anyone's. I type my revelation into the text box: "tiktok is just zoomer ytmnd". the air is electric with anxiety and anticipation. I hit "send".

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// hello folks! it's the #transdayofvisibility today, so enjoy my contribution as a trans fem music producer & composer <3

// check my stuff at:
[ ]

#tdov #transrights

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Fediverse but it's actually Animal Crossing

cursed avatar idea 

Rotating owl, but only the head rotate

It's not a condition, it's an interruption. It doesn't have an action, but its application will give me information.

Day 3 of being stuck at home : I'm writing prose about Visual Studio breakpoints.

Sometimes, they just continue by themselves because they crossed a red diamond instead that gave them a message about the world before leaving

Red dots, everywhere. The world is running step by step, halted by those damned red dots.

Idea : script in Visual Studio to place a breakpoint on every line of code.

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