@variance same here, I kinda forget my mind on time and forget what I should usually keep track of.

@Nine Omg Ren, I didn't know about who he was but. Dang, he sounds like the perfect incarnation of the trope

@Nine With an announcer so hammy he could have been a butcher in a precedent life

@Nine The whole game is just over the top, realyl

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:gh_closed_1::gh_closed_2::gh_closed_3:​ App relies heavily on the assumption that gravity is real

@unascribed So 2020 is not the year of Wayland desktop on Linux?

p@Nine@computerfairi.es Lookis like he got a growth spurt from kid size to adult size

@unascribed Oh right, no need to filter them as they're already filtered by the catch!

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@unascribed "This exception is too yucky, I'm going to puke!"

@unascribed No worries, python is the weird one here by using raise instead of throw. I guess the throwable scenario would work when re-throwing a caught exception?

@unascribed Yeah, I was thinking in python and C++ here, my bad.

@unascribed I liked small blurbs like "raise concern" or "throw up;" but this one is pretty great too!

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@jk does using own TV as computer monitor count?

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