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Welp, I'll be moving this account to @Ronflaix, see ya there!

Thanks to @chr for their hard work put into the server. See ya. o/

@sean Prejudice I guess? I'm probably moving this account to mast dot gamedev dot space, maybe people might not want to read about my game stuff, but I'm probably just paranoid right now.

@sean I see, the migration doesn't fully migrate everything?

(Also, I was wondering if it'd be fine to migrate followers. I don't know if there's a concern about domains or something related)

Do I migrate this account or should I import/export the following list?

mild blinking effect due to rapid texture scrolling, srb2k 

Here's how it looks like for now. Still not sure how I feel about the tightest parts in the tracks but having widened the rest made it better.

Not really used to such sizes after fscking around on calculators or Pico-8 for years

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Oh boy, the texturing part will be fun, won't it?

Also, I need actual vaguely high-res textures (~64x64 or multiples), going to be fun.

"How do I decorate a mining/digging themed track? Oh, let's make a part of the level look like it got caved-in"


@kara I see, thanks for the info. Good luck with the hate mob. o/

The textures are temporary, they're just to give me an idea of the material and signaling offtrack.

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