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Oh yeah, I did that for last year's Nodevember.

The prompt was "4-sided", so I made a quadrilateral portal.

Fun fact : the planet in the portal has no geometry, it's fully in the portal's shader (I did node-based raytracing in it)

Good enough. I think I did enough playing around with those viz, time to finish the parser.

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Kinda tempted to keep trying to make this viz work but honestly tracking the outer/inner sector polygons and massaging the data for Matplotlib sounds too much of a chore.

Last night's render. Thinking about mesh modules, small plaques of 2x2 with some geometry.

T-posing kribo because I don't have a lot of energy right now.

I have to circumvent a bug caused by the way I dig into the tiles, but here, we're getting somewhere.

Also not happy about the bitmap flipping like this, eh.

Bonus : here's the project with me stealing Cave Story's cave background, just for laughs.

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