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Here's the final render of the hand animation. I hesitated between keeping the liquid black or starry. I couldn't decide in the end.

A still from a WIP version of a animation I mad as an exercise in modelisation and animation.

Sadly, I don't think the naimation itself would be that interesting, it works as an exercise but not as a pretty result, eh.

But that still had almost potential of looking good.

While I was still developing the swirl, I got a fancy accident with the water reflection. Due to how the colors works in the project, the columns of colors are tinting what was already rendered, but the way the reflection's tinting was different was unexpected yet welcome.

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During a lazy afternoon, I got the idea of generating butterflies after reading about cellular automata.

So I wrote a small program that'd generate them on the fly. A cellular automata is running and acts as the texture base for the wings and the colors are sine gradients as IQ explained here :

Made in

An old project. A platformer without goals but with some unlockable movements.

Broken mirror, glitched parallax effect I did a while ago when trying to learn about Tangent-Bitangent-Normal matrices and parallax effects in shaders

Pixel art with unwanted moiré effect 

I'm also programming for the PlayDate lately. I kinda want to see what punch it has so I'm throwing stuff at it to see how it sticks.

Here, a Super Castlevania IV tunnel effect reproduction

Among the small projects I had those last years, the fortune project was an attempt at making small text-based "fortune cookies" drawn every day, like a divination source people would figure out themselves the meaning.

Couldn't got past those three fortune kinds and even then I actually don't like that much the DNA one.

(stylized) eye 

Doodling in Blender a weird idea I had.

Another project, a one: bitterfly wing generation with a reaction-diffusion cellular automata. I'll grab a more recent screenshot later.

Hello, I'm Ronflaix, I'm a gameing engineing programmer.

I also do a few things on other platforms like Pico-8, the PlayDate (eventually) when I'm not trying to make my own engine.

And sometimes I scribble and doodle amateur pixel art, but it's not my forte.

I also know enough Blender-fu so I can do stuff on it, but I'm also pretty amateurish on that too.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I also am working on squint, a live xbr upscaler and viewer for Aseprite for smoothing while you're still painting pixles.

I got to redo my beloved sphere sketch with better line drawing and rendering, it's smoother than it ever has been.

I also did that, but I forgot if I ever posted it before.

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