I have to circumvent a bug caused by the way I dig into the tiles, but here, we're getting somewhere.

Also not happy about the bitmap flipping like this, eh.

Bonus : here's the project with me stealing Cave Story's cave background, just for laughs.

Getting a "better" physics model and actual digging.

Lots of stuff is going to be reworked, like all elements' size.

Also I don't really want to 1:1 copy-paste Motherlode, I kinda want to blend this game with something else. I'll see if it's doable.

Progress. The "map" is just a perlin noise without consideration on how it should be shaped, that'll be changed.

I have a few ideas on how I should continue this, but I have to continue working on the base features, I guess.

Trying to shoehorn a project idea into experiment to get myself back into hobby programming and solving some specific problems, like camera.

The art is totally made of placeholders while I'm trying to figure where I'm going with it. Same for the physics, there are some code to clean here and there.

(Inspired by *that* platformer camera article : gamedeveloper.com/design/scrol, I'm working from memory here)

@welshpixie Good evening! I did a shroom like I had in mind (at least the closest I could with my free time today), after you gave me the idea to. I hope you don't mind a 3D render instead.

Boost (as in the C++ library)'s URL registration got hijacked by parkers.

Here, that was an experiment to see the math involved in the Vertigo Effect, which consisted as zooming in a specific speed matching the panning you'd to keep your subject in the same size and position in your camera, but the world around them would dramatically shift in position.

Don't mind too much the rest of the scene, that's the rest of remnants of a failed OpenGL engine.

At one point, while experimenting with Bevy, I wanted to see if I could eventually redo a circuit editor I did years ago hoping that'd turn into a Wipeout-ish game.

Guess how both iteration went. Anyway, here's a capture of how the v2 looked like. The biarc was fully ported and worked out pretty well.

I think the bit this version lacked the most in terms of UI was widgets. I should have checked out how to make 2D widgets and how to properly interact with them. Oh well.

Oh by the way, to have a global idea of how the sausage was made, I got the idea of making a SRB2K track to see how hard it was to do some stuff like getting proper curves, optimizing the rendering or just having a "fun" track.

I forgot how barren it was because I kinda gave up when I couldn't figure how I'd decorate it to make it prettier. The lighthouse, a building rather costly visplane-wise, was probably my favorite part.

An idea I had in Blender.

That should have become a minigame in Unity, but honestly, I fought so much trying to get animations working from Blender to Unity that I literally gave up after not wanting to deal with that anymore.

moiré effects, monochrome pixelart 

Well noice, another sketch done. It should run properly even on a PlayDate now as it was tested and confirmed as running at 30FPS. I wonder if I'll grab enough motivation for a bigger project.

light horror, eye contact 

Probably the closest I ever went to the "horror"/nightmarish genre. again

After people figured how to make textured quad with 's then new tline command, I quickly had this idea.

Stylized body part 

N°102. Eyes Iris

"Keep an eye on your destiny."

My entry for My Famicase Exhibition 2022 at METEOR Club in Tokyo, Japan


This little friendo was sliding its way towards the road.

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