Moving gif 


angle close to eye contact 

rotating causing eye contact 

Yay multiple object rendered from a single .obj. A color per object.

Mesh load filtering works. I can split .obj into different soups of vertices/triangles based on the material they use.

Last night I successfully did something I wanted to plan : raymarching rendered through "portals". Neat trick : start the ray from the portal's surface instead of the camera, the marching will operate automatically as if stopping by the portal.

Note: I used iq's shape sample code for the actual raymarching, I'm not good enough to do my own for now, I'll tell you the moment where I'll have my own (and it'll look less pretty, I guess?)

Old level selection mockup for a now-stalled-if-not-dead project.

My avatar currently comes from a Pico8 scene I did a few months ago. It has weird colors because I map them in extra colors in runtime.

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