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mild blinking effect due to rapid texture scrolling, srb2k 

Here's how it looks like for now. Still not sure how I feel about the tightest parts in the tracks but having widened the rest made it better.

"How do I decorate a mining/digging themed track? Oh, let's make a part of the level look like it got caved-in"


Another view of the track. Light extrusion is fun until it's not anymore.

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I'm being haunted by the voice behind the head that asks to make a track in SRB2K, go figure.

The track itself is not yet finalized, I'm just mostly trying to layout the vague shape and the environment (except for the fancy turn with the windows)

And as soon as I post the video, I got a solution for a seamless stair effect, go figure.

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Worked from memory. The stair portal isn't totally perfect, but whatever.

(Some textures come from the OTEX.wad texture pack)

Bleh, it still glitches with erroneous extra wide wall projections. Need to fix the projection

I bless Pico-8's unsupported multi-display feature, it's a boon for debugging.

Turned out that I accidentally removed part of the noise, hence the v2 looking more smooth than the v1.

Here it is with all the last Freestyle-related kinks removed.

This time I let SLADE do its own PNG -> palette conversion (hence the striking color differenece) and Freestyle rendered the a line at the texture's border causing the extra grid effect, but I was mostly looking at the ridge "emboss", which seem to look better.

I also quantized the generated UV coordinate to fit the texture's resolution so there'll be less bleeding between texels, as an experiment.

I tweaked the last few days an attempt at getting a Blender -> SLADE workflow. In the screenshot both the metal beam and the (dielectric) wall is shown in the same time but the pre-rendered version had an alternative workflow that allowed me to add an area light over the metal bits to give them the distinct shininess that isn't present on the walls.

Oh no, I'm getting sidetracked and I'm goofing around with a side project designed to prepare another side project, damnit.

Quick material test for the AC unit project on another file.

The shape of the "device" is kinda inspired from graphical calculators, because I don't know, habits?

I don't know why, but I'm working on a fake AC unit for some reason. I still need to make a few panels here and there.

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