At one point, while experimenting with Bevy, I wanted to see if I could eventually redo a circuit editor I did years ago hoping that'd turn into a Wipeout-ish game.

Guess how both iteration went. Anyway, here's a capture of how the v2 looked like. The biarc was fully ported and worked out pretty well.

I think the bit this version lacked the most in terms of UI was widgets. I should have checked out how to make 2D widgets and how to properly interact with them. Oh well.

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The other issue I had with this version was getting opposite arc normals giving me flipped meshes at some point.

I couldn't exactly discern how I'd get consistant normals for mesh extrusion around the profile. Oh well.

@codl thanks! Maybe one day I'll rework the editor modes. It was kinda fun to ponder how Blender make it look simple.

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