Oh by the way, to have a global idea of how the sausage was made, I got the idea of making a SRB2K track to see how hard it was to do some stuff like getting proper curves, optimizing the rendering or just having a "fun" track.

I forgot how barren it was because I kinda gave up when I couldn't figure how I'd decorate it to make it prettier. The lighthouse, a building rather costly visplane-wise, was probably my favorite part.

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My summary of my experience:
- Putting details is hard, specially when you don't have the artistic skills to draw custom bits
- Having a general idea of the layout is a thing, to make it decently decorated and "working" is another
- Y'all tracks are probably the result of 20 times the time I put into what looks like a shoddy track. It's more impressive to see well done tracks now that I see vaguely what's the amount of work they need to shape up like this.
- Still not enough motivation for moderately long projects, eh.

Nonetheless, if given enough free time and enough visual assets and/or someone to help me draw them, I'd eventually try harder to make some.

But right now, I haven't got to find the time between the ideas I'm trying to keep up with

@Ronflaix Bon courage! C'est sur que les détails sont souvent le plus difficile, en plus quand tu n'as pas la "fibre artistique" ou les compétences pour faire ce genre d'assets (même si ce que tu fais sur Blender c'est déjà ouf)

Mais je trouve que ça rend déjà pas mal!

@Bigaston Merci mais je trouve que ce que je fais sur Blender manque souvent de souci dans le détail (mais c'est surtout un point de vue venant de celui qui bâcle son travail).

@Ronflaix Peut être, comme dit les détails sont le plus difficile (trouver combien en mettre, sans trop en mettre), mais bon.

Mais je trouve que ce que tu fais a déjà une belle gueule et n'a même pas besoin de détails en plus!

(Mais oui, je connais ça aussi tkt xD)

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