The Moon. Fully rendered and dithered in Blender.

when the moon hits your feed
and some scaling it needs
that's a moir茅

@outie I kinda enjoy this kind of moir茅 caused by zooming, it's pretty amusing

@kaasiand not really, it actually predates me preordering a PlayDate by months.

I might try a re-render later to make it fit the smaller resolution though.

I just like pixel art and dithering haha

@Ronflaix fair enough! i鈥檝e been making tons of playdate mockups lately but haven鈥檛 really found the time to dive into the SDK yet

@kaasiand Unsurprisingly, I did a re-render a few weeks ago to make it fit a PlayDate's screen (minus a few pixels for spacing), so here you go!

@Ronflaix @kaasiand Would be really neat to have the rotation keyed to the crank.

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