@unascribed I liked small blurbs like "raise concern" or "throw up;" but this one is pretty great too!

@Ronflaix raise isn't a keyword in Java, and throw up would require assigning a Throwable to a variable called up which is fairly unlikely (throw new may as well be its own keyword in Java)

but yeah, if that were more practical in Java I'd probably do that fairly frequently :P


@unascribed Yeah, I was thinking in python and C++ here, my bad.

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@Ronflaix nah, assuming a given language is never "your fault"

i'm basically only familiar with java though so i was kind of trying to contrast with it, i guess?

@unascribed No worries, python is the weird one here by using raise instead of throw. I guess the throwable scenario would work when re-throwing a caught exception?

@Ronflaix in Future-based code though that rarely can occur (and basically this whole project is Future-based)

@Ronflaix though I suppose it's rare to re-throw an exception at all in Java because catch blocks are typed

you have to catch a specific kind of exception rather than just all of them and then check separately

@unascribed Oh right, no need to filter them as they're already filtered by the catch!

@unascribed "This exception is too yucky, I'm going to puke!"

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